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Arkady Rotenberg has sold its share in Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant, JSC to Artem Obolensky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SMP Bank

November 15, 2016

"Our project for the construction of a plant producing mineral fertilizers in the Far East went to the finish line. The joint project with Gazprom for gas production came on the stage of creating a joint project company. Due to my increased workload on other major business projects, I decided to get out of this business. Taking into consideration the significant role of Artem Obolensky in these projects, I suggested him to become a partner in them and fully redeem them. Therefore, he will continue to implement the strategic management of SMP Bank as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. I would like to wish the successful development of this truly strategic projects for the Far East and Yamal”, said Arkady Rotenberg.

Artem Obolensky stated in its turn: "I was involved in these projects from the very beginning and hope that we can successfully run them on schedule”.

Almost in 2012, NFP signed a contract with the administration of the Nakhodka Municipal District for renting a plot of 628 ha in the village Kozmino near the Port of Vostochny. In January 2013, the feasibility study of the project was completed.

The construction of Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant scheduled to begin in the year of 2017, launch of production is planned for 2022. The project includes the creation of a complex with a capacity of 2.2 mln tons of ammonia, 2 mln tons of urea and up to 2 mln tons of methanol per year. The total amount of investments in the plant development including external infrastructure is estimated at more than 400 bln rubles.