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A round-table discussion on environmental safety issues was held

June 26, 2020

On June 26, in Nakhodka, a round-table discussion was held by videoconference on environmental safety issues during the implementation of the construction project of the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant.

The event was attended by the Executive Director of NFP Viktor Grebenyukov, member of the ONF regional headquarters Artyom Trembovlev, expert of the Public Council at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Igor Shkradyuk, Deputy Head of the Nakhodka City District Dmitry Averyanov, Chief Researcher of the Pacific Oceanological Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Vladimir Rakov, associate professor of the Far Eastern Federal University, candidate of biological sciences Larisa Dolgaleva, senior researcher at the Federal Biodiversity Center of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tatyana Vshivkova, as well as other experts, public activists and journalists.

The main topic of the meeting was the projected environmental impact of the new Russian enterprise, as well as planned measures to prevent this impact. In his speech, the Executive Director of NFP Viktor Grebenyukov told the experts about the progress of the preparatory work and emphasized its importance for high-quality preparation of project documentation.

According to him, it is precisely at this stage the multi-stage protection technologies are laid in the design of the future plant, the task of which is to quickly stop the production process in case of an emergency and to localize the problem area. The use of such technologies will reduce the likelihood of emergencies to zero. At the same time, each production stage will have its own monitoring and response system.

During the round table, experts expressed their views on certain issues related to the upcoming construction and future activities of NFP. Fears were voiced that preparatory work was being carried out without the necessary documents, according to the law. However, the Executive Director Viktor Grebenyukov confirmed that all permits regulating the activities of the enterprise at this stage were received in a timely manner. In support of this, he showed the participants of the round table these documents.

In particular, the experts were interested in permits for cleaning part of the site from tree and shrub vegetation and removing the fertile layer necessary for preparing the site. The presented documents have shifted the discussed issue in another direction - reagrding possible compensation measures. The associate professor of FEFU, candidate of biological sciences Larisa Dolgaleva proposed to NFP to plant some empty territory with forest.

- It would be good form to restore a similar forest in a wasteland measuring 84 hectares. I think social activists will help you, we will organize students. On your part - the choice of territory for planting, planting material, organization of the process. That would be a very good thing, - said Larisa Dolgaleva

- This is a very good proposal! In our EIA section, undoubtedly, compensation measures for the damage caused will be provided. We will definitely consider the option of planting trees, ” - Viktor Grebenyukov answered.

During the discussion, a representative of NFP was asked a series of questions regarding technological issues related to both the construction phase and the production phase. The executive director of the plant answered each of them in detail. So, when asked about the use of water in the production process, he emphasized that closed water circulation systems of NFP and multi-stage purification will exclude pollution of the aquatic environment. As a result of the unique biosphere, no damage will be done. Separately, Victor Grebenyukov focused on the topic of waste management. He said that the project provides for the introduction of a system of “smart” waste management, which includes a whole range of actions - from the primary accumulation of waste in the enterprise to its final disposal.

In general, the discussion at the round table turned out to be constructive. During the speeches a lot of sound and adequate thoughts were voiced. Despite the categorical nature of individual judgments, it is worth noting the desire of all participants in the conversation to find common ground and mutual understanding that are optimal and mutually beneficial for all decisions.

According to Viktor Grebenyukov, Executive Director of NFP, the round table is of particular importance to the enterprise. It is a direct dialogue with experts and social activists, their constructive criticism and reasonable proposals that will help make the project safer.

- The plant management has nothing to hide. We are ready to answer any questions of city residents, environmental experts, activists. Moreover, we will be grateful for constructive criticism, since it allows us to improve the quality of our work at all stages of creating our unique enterprise, ”said Victor Grebenyukov.

Tatyana Vshivkova, senior researcher at the Federal Research Center for Biodiversity, Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, generally appreciated the conversation.

- I like that the work is being carried out in a constructive way, and we understand each other. I have the heart of an ecologist and it beats unevenly. I feel bad. But not as bad as before. Because I can say as positive that we are talking, we will talk, that we are trying to find a common language. Now the country's policy has changed in such a way that business is going to environmentalists. And we are ready to teach them. If chemists do not understand something - we will explain. We, environmentalists, do not understand something - you explain to us. Let's talk!

Concluding the round table, Artyom Trembovlev thanked the experts for their participation and the correctness of the discussion.

- There are a lot of questions. The situation is complicated, because a lot of "horror stories" walk in the city, a lot of fears. Some of them are justified. But there are situations when they try to manipulate people's opinions. Therefore, we would like everything to be as honest as possible, as open as possible.


Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) is a large-scale investment project for the construction of methanol and ammonia production capacities in the Russian Far East.

The construction is carried out under the “turnkey” EPC contract with the leading international contractor for the construction of gas chemical plants - China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd.

The construction of the plant will ensure the creation of more than 1,500 highly qualified jobs in the Nakhodka city district, and after tax holidays and launch of the Phase 2, up to 14.5 billion tax revenues to budgets of all levels annually.