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TOR Neftekhimicheskiy Territory, Nakhodka, Primorskiy region, 692941, Russian Federation

Social and ecological effects

Social effects

Construction of the plant for the production of methanol and nitrogen fertilizers is carried out in the Municipal district of Nakhodka in the Primorsky Krai.

Development of Primorsky Krai and the Far East Region is one of the most important objectives of the Russian Government. Among the tasks of the State is to stimulate the business development in the Russian Far East.

The launch of such large enterprise as NFP will have a positive impact on the Region’s economy. The construction of the enterprise will create up to 2,000 highly qualified positions for local population. After the plant’s launch, the tax revenue to the budget will grow significantly.

Taking into consideration high export competitiveness of the project and its proximity to major export markets, the construction of NFP plant will positively influence the development of business relations of the region with other countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Environmental effects

The Management Board of NFP pays special attention to the impact of the project on the environment. Our interest in ecological safety of production will be a part of our daily activity.

We are responsible for the implementation of the best practices at our project with the aim to protect the environment. Acting along the environmental protection laws of the Russian Federation, we will use our natural resources effectively and safely.

We will monitor and continually improve our quality management system and if necessary, will introduce changes to it, as well as we will identify potentially malicious and unsafe situations in due time and take reasonable measures to neutralize them.

An important task for us is to control that our employees familiarize with the safety rules, as well as to develop their technical skills, provide them with the necessary resources in order to carry out our obligations in the area of environmental protection.

We will also ensure that our employees and business partners will share our approach and demonstrate a high level of interest in ecological safety of production.