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Local contractors of NFP received more than half a billion rubles for performed works

July 20, 2020

AO "Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizers Plant" continues to increase the number of contractors from the Nakhodka urban district involved in the implementation of the project for the construction of a methanol plant.

Since June, the number of local contractors on the project has increased from 30 to 40. The total number of workers at the site, where engineering surveys and preparatory work are currently ongoing, has exceeded 300 people. In the near future, another contractor from Nakhodka will start work on the territory. About 40 specialists will work on the site from this contractor.

Currently, AO NFP paid contractors from the Nakhodka urban district a total amount of more than 400 million rubles. Also, local contractors received several hundred million rubles from the general contractor of the project.

In parallel, there is a significant interest from the residents of Nakhodka in the prospect of employment at the future plant. The company has already received over 150 resumes of potential employees. Applicants are interested in both industrial specialties, for example, a builder, assembler, electrician, and non-industrial ones, for example, a logistics specialist, accountant, lawyer.

In early July, as part of the development of personnel policy, AO NFP entered into an agreement with the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service on targeted training of personnel. The preparation of students will take place on the basis of the VSUES branch in Nakhodka and will include both academic studies and industrial practice. After graduation, all graduates will be guaranteed to be employed at a new enterprise.


Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) is a large-scale investment project for the construction of methanol and urea production capacities in the Russian Far East.

The construction of the plant will ensure the creation of more than 1,500 highly qualified jobs in the Nakhodka city district, and after tax holidays and launch of the Phase 2, up to 14.5 billion tax revenues to budgets of all levels annually.