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TOR Neftekhimicheskiy Territory, Nakhodka, Primorskiy region, 692941, Russian Federation

Social responsibility

Environmental protection

Responsible attitude towards environmental protection and ensuring ecological safety of production is an absolute priority of our work.

A distinctive feature of NFP is that all plant facilities are initially designed with the widest possible application of “the best available technologies”, in particular, on the basis of optimizing the use of energy resources, achieving minimum emissions of pollutants and introducing measures to protect the environment.

The implementation of the project involves usage of advanced technologies that exclude irreversible processes in the environment and comply with environmental standards aimed at ensuring the reduction of environmental pollution.

In the section of the project documentation “Environmental Impact Assessment” EIA, an environmental monitoring program will be developed that will provide for the installation of environmental monitoring devices both at the plant site and in the sanitary protection zone. Environmental monitoring will be carried out in two modes: automatic continuous and periodic under the conditions of an analytical laboratory in strict accordance with monitoring programs that have passed the State Ecological Expertise.

The project provides for mandatory certification according to environmental standards, including the environmental management standard, as well as regular environmental monitoring, maintaining a high level of personnel responsibility in ensuring environmental safety.

Project role in socio-economic development of the territory

NFP will become a powerful catalyst for the socio-economic development of Nakhodka city district and entire Primorsky Region.

The creation of a new modern high-technology production will become one of the largest investment projects in the country, the implementation of which will contribute to the growth of gross regional product, increase tax contributions and active development of related industries.

NFP - is more than 1.5 thousand new highly qualified direct jobs, further development of the labor market, lower unemployment and increased purchasing power of the population. The project is a platform for the stable growth of small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, retail trade, related and consumer services, both during the construction stage and during the operation stage.

The project will give an impetus to the development of transport infrastructure and the social sector - housing, pre-school, school and continuing education institutions, healthcare facilities - and will contribute to the comprehensive improvement and development of a comfortable living environment.