Comprehensive development plan for Nakhodka

The emergence of such a major investor as NFP is the first step in the socio-economic development of Nakhodka

We care not only about the environment, but also about the development of our city. That is why our team put forward the initiative to develop a «Comprehensive Development Plan for Nakhodka». The idea was supported both at the regional and federal levels. The resulting document is a product of the joint work of world-class urbanists, representatives of the administration of the region and the city district, as well as the residents themselves.

First of all, the project provides for the construction and reconstruction of social facilities

  • schools
  • clinics and hospitals
  • road pavement
  • sports infrastructure
  • cultural facilities

Our plan provides for the repair of existing roads. Another major component of the large-scale renovation is the reconstruction of the water supply system. Oil-fired boilers, which create a large amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, will be replaced with environmentally friendly gas boilers.

The district has been in need of renewal for a long time, and this was made possible thanks to the arrival of such a large investor as NFP. Since 2018, by decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the cities of the Far East, where large investment projects are being implemented and new jobs are being created, a re entitled to receive additional federal funds for social sphere development — the so-called «Consolidated Subsidy».


has become one of the four cities in the Far East, in addition to Svobodny, Bolshoy Kamen and Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where the implementation of federal-scale economic projects drives the infrastructure development.

Our comprehensive development plan envisions 10 years of Nakhodka’s development

In 2022, the construction of a multifunctional medical center, an indoor ice arena, a swimming pool, a modern school and residential buildings will commence.



City polyclinic

20 Tissovaya Street

Construction of a modern polyclinic capable of providing the residents of Nakhodka with quality medical services. All the necessary medical offices will be located here: from emergency care and a trauma center to ultrasound diagnostics and a day inpatient facility. The polyclinic will be able to receive 270 patients per day.


Citywide projects

Improvement of the "Volna" beach

"Volna" beach

As part of the improvement of the Volna city beach, pedestrian and bicycle paths, protective fortifications from breaking waves, information stands, art objects, and parking will appear on its territory. The project also provides for all the necessary utilities, including electricity, water supply and sanitation networks.

A detailed development plan for Nakhodka can be viewed here

Gas instead of boiler oil

Gasification of Nakhodka will provide new opportunities for business and will significantly affect the ecology of the area.

Construction of a gas pipeline for NFP will allow gasification of Nakhodka with the population of


The plant will become the main consumer of natural gas, and part of the fuel will be supplied to the needs of the city district through the gas distribution station.


Deterioration of Nakhodka’s utility networks is at 82%. This is an alarming number. At the same time, fuel oil and coal-fired boilers, which are now operating at full capacity, seriously worsen the environmental situation in the region. Just for the central part of Nakhodka alone, two large gas boilers are to be erected, which will replace 37 fuel oil and coal-fired boilers. The replacement of utility networks will be carried out via funds provided by regional subsidy, and the funds saved on the purchase of fuel oil (about 500 million a year) will be invested in the urban infrastructure development. After the reconstruction, the annual fuel oil consumption will decrease by 45,000 tons.

It is important that the advent of the main gas pipeline will make it possible to deliver blue fuel gas not only to apartment buildings, but also to small house suburbs. The key goal is to ensure environmetal friendliness and freedom from soot and smut.

Community board at NFP

An association of active residents of the city who strive to make life in the district better

Our employees live in Nakhodka and Wrangel. Our children study here, and family members actively use the city’s infrastructure, healthcare and sports facilities.


Therefore, a Public Council comprised of the most proactive residents of Nakhodka was created at NFP. They take part in the development and implementation of social projects and make decisions about which area needs support. By decision of the Public Council, School No. 20 in Wrangel was renovated and received modern equipment for chemistry, biology and ecology classes as well as a new gym.


Both students and teachers receive support. «Success Formula» school projects competition has by now become an annual event. In collaboration with scientists, children study the phenomena of life and solve true-life city problems. Teachers have the opportunity to improve their qualifications — a special grant competition was announced for them in 2022. Teachers of Nakhodka actively participate in all events.

In the first year alone, we helped residents of small house suburbs with firewood, provided neighbors from Wrangel with seedlings for the adjacent territories, took patronage of a children’s football team, and supportув a popular sport in Nakhodka — rowing on Dragon-class boats. In addition, together we improved Koroviy Beach, beloved by the residents of Wrangel. Our employees held a series of ecological neighbourhood clean-ups. And this is just the beginning!