About the Project

Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant

Future high — tech and environmentally friendly production of methanol and carbamide in Nakhodka, Primorsky Krai.

Expected annual output


million metric tons of methanol
per annum

I stage of the project


million metric tons of carbamide
per annum

II stage of the project

Methanol will be the major fertilizer produced at NFP. It will be obtained from natural gas by reforming in three stages.


Processing of gas with steam.


The gas mixture obtained is compressed to
90 atm and dispatched to
methanol synthesis reactor
to obtain raw methanol.


Pure methanol is obtained via distillation stage.

Three-stage reforming is currently the latest technology that contributes to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the project. In accordance with the conclusion of the state ecological expertise, the NFP project was recognized as fully compliant with the current environmental requirements.

More than 90 plants

in the world

produce methanol

Production in


is carried out in Angarsk, Veliky Novgorod, Gubakh, Mendeleevsk, Nevinnomyssk, Novomoskovsk, near Tomsk and Tolyatti.

NFP is another step towards the transition from a resource-based economy to the export of high-tech manufactured goods. Methanol is higher value added product.

The construction of our plant is one of the 10 largest investment projects in Russia.

Currently, our main sales markets are Asia-Pacific, India, China and Latin America. At the same time, our products are becoming more demanded in Russia. The launch of NFP will result in a powerful impetus to the development of the entire industry.

25 yrs

stage I of the project reaching full capacity (methanol production)

1,5 thousand     

new jobs

110 thousand RUB

average salary

NFP will become the largest employer in Nakhodka. We will provide our employees with an expanded benefits package and will ensure compliance with the highest requirements for labor safety.

Builders, geologists and engineers are already working among the company’s staff, and after the launch of the plant, technologists, technicians, logistics specialists, electricians, drivers, logistics managers, cooks and many other professionals will join the team.

We pay special attention to applicants from Nakhodka and Primorsky Krai. We are ready to sponsor training and internships, and after they are completed, we are ready to hire young specialists.

On a national scale

Our enterprise will become a major economic center of the Primorsky Krai. On the one hand, NFP will be a powerful and reliable taxpayer, on the other hand - a giant around which an entire ecosystem will be built.


billion rubles

in tax even during the Priority Development Area tax break period


billion rubles

taxes from the project will be annually transferred to the budgets of all levels upon completion of the tax holidays

Volume of gas supplies to NFP

billion cubic meters per annum.

To synthesize methanol, natural gas is required. It will be supplied to us through the pipeline from the gas fields on Sakhalin Island. Pure methanol will be supplied via another pipe to special tankers and then delivered by sea to end users. The methanol transport system will be closed and completely sealed to avoid any release to the environment.

Thanks to
NFP project
Nakhodka will be gasified

Instead of the existing 11 fuel oil and coal boilers, two gas boilers will be built in the city. This will provide a centralized hot water supply, as well as rid the air of soot and smut that are harmful to health.

Technology for the greater good

We thought about the ecology of the region even before preparing project documentation. That is why literally every activity on the construction site is under the strict supervision of Haldor Topsoe, a Danish company that is a leader in design solutions for the chemical and oil industries. Its experts will be overseeing compliance with the regulations until the plant is launched.

One of the main goals of the plant is to reduce the carbon footprint.

Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant is Russia’s response to the global decarbonization trend and an important step in establishing leadership positions in building a hydrogen economy.


The implementation of the project involves the use of the best available technologies for environmental safety, and since the Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant is being built from the ground up, they are essential foundations of its design.


Scientific and technological progress makes it possible to obtain the necessary products with minimal impact on the environment and human health. NFP utilize all modern technologies available, since one of the key goals of the enterprise and an important part of its strategy is to reduce the carbon footprint.


Modern enterprises that are so technologically advanced and safe that they can function without causing harm both to the city and the nature can be a perfect example of how cutting-edge technologies work.

According to calculations, if 10 thousand tons of methanol enter into the open sea, then during the first hour after the accident, its concentration in water will amount to 0.36% only, and over the next hours it will decrease significantly. In the soil, methanol is decomposed within a few days.

1 km
Sanitary protection zone area will be created in all directions from NFP

Neither residential buildings nor recreational areas fall within the boundaries of this zone.
The enterprise will implement a closed cycle principle. This principle implies that all products of natural gas processing are used in subsequent cycles. Harmful and polluting substances will not remain in Nakhodka.