30 March 2021

Environmentally conscious: modern wastewater treatment facilities to be built at NFP

Glavgosexpertiza (State Expert Evaluation Agency) has approved the design and estimate documentation for the wastewater treatment facilities at NFP project. Previously, Rosprirodnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources) has approved the results of the project’s review by State Environmental Review Agency. This means compliance of the facility’s design to urban planning regulations, as well as strict requirements of environmental legislation.

Highly efficient modern technologies were employed in the process of designing NFP industrial and wastewater treatment system: at one of the main stages of water purification, a bioreactor is involved – a tank where activated sludge is located (colonies of bacteria and protozoa that are involved in wastewater treatment). Biological purification occurs via microorganisms carrying out a complex set of redox processes. Consequently, organic substances are decomposed in the bioreactor to mineral compounds, which are removed from the wastewater along with activated sludge in the form of sediment. Further, the water is saturated with oxygen to the level required for organisms living in the marine environment. Another mandatory process is temperature control. If necessary, the temperature is decreased, in order to maintain its level at no more than 5°C above sea water temperature.

All stages of technology will reduce the damage to nature to zero. Work on the construction of treatment facilities will commence shortly.