26 January 2023

First Results of Targeted Education at NFP

Vladislav Manilo has become the first graduate to be employed at Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) through targeted education. He completed his studies at Nakhodka State Humanities and Polytechnic College (NGGPK) and is now working as a fitter of control and measurement instruments and automation.

The team for the future plant is already being formed during the current construction phase. The agreement on targeted education for students from higher and secondary specialized educational institutions in the Primorsky region is one of the most effective ways to create a talent pool for the enterprise. In this way, NFP addresses two pressing issues: forming its own team from interested and motivated candidates, and making a contribution to halting population outflow from the city and the region.

“I signed the agreement for targeted education when I was in my second year of college. The college regularly organizes career guidance events, and during one of them, specialists from NFP talked about this opportunity. I became interested right away. Firstly, it provides job security. I knew exactly where I would be working, so I could focus all my efforts on my studies instead of worrying about the future. Secondly, I’m genuinely interested in the plant itself, in the production process. It’s the kind of place where I would like to work,” shared Vladislav Manilo.

The young specialist graduated from college with a specialization in “Hardware and Software Maintenance Technician”. During his studies, as an excellent student, he received a monthly stipend from NFP in addition to the academic scholarship. Furthermore, he underwent practical training at the enterprise. Also, he underwent practical training at the enterprise.

In addition to NGGPK, the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) serves as the main “supplier” of specialists for NFP.

“We actively engage with students from educational institutions in the Primorsky region. The opportunity to join the talent pool of NFP is available to everyone, but it is important to us that future young specialists are genuinely interested in working at the plant. In all other aspects, we are here to assist – providing additional financial incentives, guidance during internships, and practical training,” shared Alina Kondrashova, a specialist in training and personnel assessment at NFP.

It is worth noting that Nakhoda Mineral Fertilizer Plant is among the top three investment projects in the Far East and top ten in Russia. The volume of taxes allocated to the regional budget will reach 49 billion rubles in the preferential regime of the advanced economical development zone, and will further contribute an annual 26 billion rubles. During the production launch phase, the plant will create 1,500 high-paying job positions. All employees are provided with favorable working conditions, including paid internships, comprehensive social benefits, and the opportunity to acquire housing under preferential terms.