27 April 2022

NFP gave awards to Nakhodka’s best teachers and pupils

Olympus of Success, a local celebration of achievements, has been the culmination of two educational initiatives of the Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant. The winners of the Formula of Success, a contest for school research projects, and the Best Educational Project, a pedagogical skills competition, were announced and were given awards at the festival.  This year, 36 school teams took part in the Formula of Success, whereas the pedagogical skills competition hosted 20 teams.

NFP strongly believes in the value of education as a development vector, which is now highly essential for Nakhodka.  It is especially important to support initiatives of schoolchildren and teachers, as the quality of life in the city relies on their ideas and solutions. The Formula for Success was held for the second time, while teachers presented their projects for the first time.


Supporting pupils’ projects is a way to engage children in the social and environmental life of the local community, to bring up successful young people, who will choose to live in Nakhodka and could eventually join NFP’s talent pool.

NFP awarded the winners and runners-up of the competitions the certificates that can be redeemed for various gadgets. The total prize pool amounted to 300 thousand rubles.

“Since the city will soon have a large-scale methanol production facility, we got interested in the topic and tried to produce methanol in our classroom. We used the method of pyrolysis of apple wood sawdust, and it worked out. NFP’s specialists helped us a lot: they provided their advice and gave us all kinds of manuals,” said pupils from School 18 who won contest of the Formula for Success.

“In total, we worked on our project for about six months.  We conducted an environmental study, took water and soil samples, and carried out the monitoring of all the regulations. This was rather difficult of course, and we are grateful to the Formula of Success that gave us this chance to benefit from such expert assistance.  By taking part in contests as the Formula of Success you can define your future vector of development, and try your hand in the professional sphere.  And the earlier you start to develop your professional competence, the better”, the pupils of Gymnasium No. 1 noted.

Prize-winners among pupils of grades 5-8:

1st place – team of 8th grade pupils, school No.18 (Sofiya Molodtsova, Tatiana Kozlova, Nikita Erofeev, research supervisor – Sergey Shkodin).  Project theme:  “Methanol synthesis, demonstration model developed with school equipment.”

2nd place – team of 8th grade pupils, Gymnasium No.1 (Albert Sudgaimer, Anna Filipishina, research supervisor – Elena Talashkevich).  Project theme: “Improvement and arrangement of the recreation and sports area in the area of Lebedinoe (Lebyazhye) Lake in Nakhodka.”

3rd place – team of 7th grade pupils, School No. 12 named after V. Smetankin (Christina Vasilenko, Arina Yene, Vera Pogulyai, research supervisor – Albina Grebenyuk).  Project theme: “Chemical composition of lichens — chemotaxonomy.”

Prize-winners among pupils of grades 9-11:

1st place – team of 9th grade pupils, School No. 8 (Anastasia Tanatbaeva, Victoria Sizykh, Sofiya Karatsyuba, research supervisor – Irina Lukonina).  Project theme: “Ecological state of sand on playgrounds in the vicinity of Nakhodka’s School No. 8.”

2nd place – team of 9th grade pupils, Centre of Continuous Education. (Anna Gromskaya, Evgeniy Nekrasov, Lelya Spodobaeva, research supervisor – Elena Mertsalova).  Project theme: “Zolotari Lake: Is there any future for it?”

3rd place – team of 9th grade pupils, School No. 10. (Sofiya Kozina, Victoria Tkacheva, Veronika Shchegoleva, research supervisor – Lyudmila Grigoryants). Project theme: “Home based study of milk quality”.

School and preschool teachers who won of the pedagogical skills competition got an opportunity to further develop their professional competence in other regions of Russia. The educational programs will be sponsored for by the Nakhodka Education Department, whereas NFP awarded the winners with 50,000 rubles each for travel and accommodation expenses.


Pre-school education category:

Natalia Antipieva, Kindergarten No. 8;

Tatiana Kuzovkova, Kindergarten No. 60;

Ekaterina Guzenko, “Malysh” preschool center (Kindergarten No. 54).


General Education category:

Vera Barmina, School No. 8;

Irina Lukonina, School No. 8;

Tatyana Zhuravleva, Oksana Samsonova, Olga Petrova, School No. 20;

Nina Pavlova, Albina Grebenyuk, School No. 12 named after V. Smetankin;

Elena Osteeva, School No. 18;

Alexandra Telnova, “Vibor” (School No. 19);

Irina Sorokina, Irina Dubovskaya, Marina Zolotareva, School No. 9.