24 April 2024

NFP is teaching entertaining science to the youngest citizens of Nakhodka

Kindergarten no.50 saw an unusual lesson: together with Kseniya Mishkova, Head of the NFP Sanitary and Environmental Control Laboratory, the little ones took their first steps in learning entertaining chemistry.

At school chemistry lessons usually start in the 7th grade, but this kindergarten decided to get ahead of time and introduce kids to the fascinating world of natural science. They explored new ways to blow up balloons, used iodine to detect starch in food and write secrete messages on a piece of paper.

“We do not give lessons or lectures, but still, we receive a lot of requests from various educational institutions. This was the first entertaining chemistry game we played with preschoolers. We try to broaden their horizons and do experiments. Maybe now is the time when they would take interest in natural science, which will determine their future careers”, says Kseniya Mishkova.

NFP is consistently working on environmental education of children and youth in Nakhodka. Understanding chemical reactions in everyday life is an integral part of work of even the youngest environmentalists. Entertaining chemistry lessons are already being given at schools and now kindergartens are becoming a part of the eco-project.