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13 May 2022

Sports for everyone: children with special needs are integrated into the active life of Nakhodka’s community

The city of Nakhodka hosted the Fun Starts sports festival dedicated to the International Day of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Four teams, ten players in each (including children with special needs), competed for the championship. All the contestants received sweets as rewards from the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant.
NFP has been supporting the initiatives of the Nakhodka branch of All-Russian Society of Disabled People for several years and is always involved in organizing NGO events. The company’s social policy is focused on creating a stimulating environment and thus enabling Nakhodka’s community members to equally fulfill their potential and prove themselves. Last year, NFP purchased sports uniforms and training equipment for young para-taekwondo athletes of the Society of Disabled People. The cooperation between the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant and All-Russian Society of Disabled People also resulted in the creation of an immersive audiobook for people with disabilities.
May 5 is a special date for the Nakhodka Society of Disabled People. Various festive events are organized every year on this day: this time the festival was marked by a joint Fun Starts competition with school No. 12.
Katya Gerasimova has been swimming for five years now, she participates in all competitions where children with disabilities are allowed.
“Katyusha loves sports. She is quite reluctant to leave the sports ground after the competitions. She always gets exited there, and then at home she shows what she was doing: if she was swimming, she waves her arms, if she was running, she keeps scampering around the apartment. Sport is necessary for all kids, but especially for ours. And for us, parents, such events are important”, said Irina, the girl’s mother.
The relay race was held under the slogan “Faster, higher, stronger, together”. The format where special children compete with schoolchildren was chosen to integrate children with developmental disabilities into active school life and provide the participants with new communication experiences.
“Today’s competition represents a pure inclusion model. For “special kids” such events have big importance, as they can learn from healthy children by repeating after them. This also works in the opposite direction: healthy pupils can meet special ones there; they can see that there are different children who need their support and help. All of them are learning to interact”, commented Irina Bondar, Chairman of the Nakhodka Society of Disabled People.
NFP will continue cooperating with All-Russia Society of Disabled People this year as well, and there are plans to hold several more inclusive sports events.