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15 June 2022

There is work for the youth of Nakhodka in their hometow

The Nakhodka branch of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES) plans to start enrollment for majors required at the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) next year.

The plant is ready to hire university graduates, pay for their retraining and form a staff reserve made up of students who are just about to complete their thesis. NFP made a presentation to the students of VSUES, introducing benefits of working in modern production as part of the Career Day job fair.

The main objective of NFP staff policy is not only to form an effective team, but also to get local youth interested, keep the best specialists in the city and preserve staff potential of Nakhodka.

“Career Day” brought together more than two hundred people, and showed that if jobs are available, young people are ready to stay in their region. At the end of June, 73 people will receive diplomas of higher and secondary specialized education from VSUES. These include economists, lawyers, land law specialists and staff training experts.

“A job fair is a great way of getting to know employers. Here you can immediately see who offers what – salaries, working conditions. This year I will become a certified land and property relations specialist, but there aren’t jobs for this major available in Nakhodka. NFP offers retraining with subsequent employment. I am ready to study and change my profession, so I am seriously considering this opportunity, ” Polina Dmitrochenko, a student, says.

13 of Nakhodka’s enterprises showed what they have to offer to students. The NFP stand has traditionally received great attention, because the company can offer various job listings, including those not directly related to the production process. For example, in the near future NFP will begin large-scale staff training, and specialists in the selection and training of employees are already required.

“We are not afraid to hire young people without experience. There are several educational institutions in Nakhodka, the students receive decent basic knowledge. We ourselves are ready to give young specialists the highly specialized knowledge necessary for work at our enterprise. A contract for specialized training, a scholarship, a paid internship, a unique benefits, the possibility of obtaining preferential housing – all of this together motivates young people and makes it possible to become a high level professional with good earnings in their hometown, ”says Viktor Grebenyukov, Executive Director of JSC NZMU.

The NFP team in full force will have more than 1,500 employees. The average salary will be 110 thousand rubles (not accounting for management salaries).