15 November 2022

Adding Green: Vrangel Boasts a New Alley of Siberian Spruce

The Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) has planted an alley of spruce trees on the premises of the Eastern Hospital in Vrangel. Comprehensive landscaping of the plant’s hometown is an important aspect of NFP’s social policy. It has a multiplier effect, not only improving the appearance of Nakhodka but also giving more comfort to the residents.

Volunteers from NFP assisted in planting 18 frost-resistant Siberian spruce seedlings. The initiative to green the area was spearheaded by the regional branch of the All-Russian Public Ecological Organization “Green Patrol.” Funding for the landscaping project was provided by NFP.

“The choice of both the trees and the location was not accidental – conifers dampen noise and purify the air. Inside any small forest plantation the air is noticeably cleaner than in its surroundings. We plan to further collaborate with NFP on greening the entire city, with a focus on planting vegetation near socially significant facilities,” said Evgeny Duryagin, the representative of the “Green Patrol” and director of the managing company “Time”.

Students from the Nakhodka State Technical College were the most active participants of the eco-event. They are members of the volunteer team established by NFP this year. Shoveling earth, carrying buckets of water – they did a wonderful job.

“Eco-activism is very popular at our college, and landscaping and greening the area are an important part of it. At the end of November, we will hold the ‘Sleep of the Earth’ event, where we will clean the area, trim plants, and prepare them for winter. And in January, we will implement the ‘Green Cradle’ project – we will grow flower seedlings ourselves to plant them in flower beds in spring,” shared Vasilina Vasilenko, the eco-chairperson at the Nakhodka State Technical College.

Ecologists helped with selecting seedlings that are suitable for the climatic conditions of the Nakhodka urban district and for the planting time. The choice was 15-year-old Siberian spruce seedlings, which are resistant to freezing temperatures.

“Now, while the ground is not yet frozen but not too hot either, it is the best time to plant root-balled Siberian spruce. The plants will be very comfortable, even better than if we were to transplant them in spring. We have listened to the hospital management’s wishes and intentionally planted the trees close to each other.

We anticipate that they will grow together, forming a beautiful large evergreen shape,” commented Yulia Novikova, a representative of the plant nursery.

It is worth noting that this is not the first project by NFP to improve the Nakhodka urban district. Last year, at the company’s initiative, 1300 seedlings of spruce, hawthorn, bird cherry, Hungarian lilac, and other trees and shrubs were planted in the Vrangel micro-district.

Furthermore, the company is building a tree nursery in the Partizansky District, which will be capable of producing 1 million seedlings annually, covering a third of the annual demand for the entire Primorsky Krai.