13 March 2023

Authors of the Best Projects in the “Formula for Success” Contest will enjoy Priority Admissions to Universities

The top projects of the “Formula for Success” contest have the potential to develop into full-fledged scientific papers, providing advantages in university admissions. This was announced by Professor Valery Petukhov from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) during the preliminary defense of student papers. As always, the contest is organized by the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) with the support of the IMC “Razvitie” and the administration of the Nakhodka Urban District.

During the contest, participants had the opportunity to meet with scientists, present their project ideas, and enhance their works. The collaboration between school students and representatives of the scientific community is a mutually beneficial process for both parties.

“The advice received from scientists at the preliminary defense will allow the students to improve their papers and make them even more relevant. The best projects of the contest may be published in scientific magazines, providing advantages in university admissions and the opportunity to receive additional scholarships. This is another one of our goals—to spark the students’ interest, so that they come to study with us and then return to their hometown and actively participate in its development,” noted Valery Petukhov, Doctor of Technical Sciences and professor at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

In line with the tradition, the participants are all students from grades 5 to 11. They have chosen relevant topics for their research. For instance, a team from School 9 is working on a project titled “The Impact of Anti-Icing Agents on Living Organisms.”

“During winter, roads are treated with a sand-salt mixture. We decided to explore what other agents are used and how they affect living organisms, vegetation, and soil. The research is still in progress, but we find it remarkably interesting. Our teacher initiated the project, and we supported the idea,” shared seventh-grade students Anna Ozhereleva and Elizaveta Shabunina.

For NFP, the “Formula for Success” contest is an important strategic mission. Improving the quality of education and supporting student initiatives are part of the company’s social policy, as it is the youth who can change their hometown for the better.

“The overarching goal of the Formula for Success is to equip students with modern research and project-based skills. This is not a simple task: scientists engage in research, and engineers work on projects. To enter the high-tech, knowledge-intensive world, specific skills are required. The earlier these skills are acquired, and the more students hone them during their school years, the greater the chances that creative and talented specialists will contribute to the modern science and high-tech business of the region,” commented Alexander Petrunko, Head of the Analytical and Project Work Department at the Primorsky Krai Institute for Education Development.

It is worth noting that active scientific work by school students within the framework of the “Formula for Success” contest has been ongoing since the end of last year. During this time, the participants of the contest visited the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), met with students engaged in research activities, and received advisory support from experts at NFP and the Nakhodka Water Utility.

The defense of research projects of “Formula for Success” contest will take place on 3 April.