15 March 2023

Teachers in Nahodka Enhance Their Creative Thinking

A creativity lesson for Nakhodka’s teachers took place as part of the “Best Educational Project” contest organized by the Nahodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) with the support of the IMC “Razvitie” and the administration of Nahodka. Creative thinking gives teachers a new perspective on the process of eduation, and allows them, through their projects, to bring maximum benefit to each student and to the overall education system of the city.

The development of the education sector is one of the key areas of NFP’s social policy. Talented innovators find effective ways to develop children’s abilities and create an environment necessary for nurturing leadership skills, a love for science, and a sense of local patriotism.

The support that the company is giving to teachers and their students is the company’s contribution to stopping the population outflow from Nahodka and promoting its development.

At the first stage of the contest, participants presented their ideas and received advice from experts on how to improve them. Currently, we are in the stage of refining the projects, and for them to be truly innovative and bring maximum benefits to the education system of the Nahodka urban district, teachers need creativity,” commented Ludmila Putintseva, director of the IMC “Razvitie.”

The contest features some projects that go beyond the boundaries of a single school or kindergarten. For example, the creation of a summer school for high school students, where they will prepare for subject-based competitions, can confidently be called a city-scale project. The idea was conceived by Vasilina Romanova, a geography teacher at School 12. She is confident that students from any school in the city who pass the initial selection can participate in the summer school.

There are no similar projects, neither in Primorsky Krai nor in the Far East. Hence the figures mentioned by the teacher: last year, only 3 students from Primorsky Krai reached the final stage of the All-Russian Chemistry Olympiad competition, and 5 students reached the final stage of the Biology Olympiad. Vasilina is planning is to increase this number by at least 30%.

“First and foremost, we are talking about the Olympiad competitions in chemistry and biology because there is currently a high demand for medical professionals, and the All-Russian stage offers the opportunity to enter university without taking the Unified State Exam. Our school has medical classes and some kids manage to get to the citywide stage of the Olympiad, but children do not make it to the further stages of the competitions. That is why we are organizing such a preparation process under the guidance of university and college professors. The Olympiad competitions require knowledge that goes beyond the school curriculum, and many children are interested in acquiring this knowledge. The “Best Educational Project” contest is the first platform where we announce our project. Unlike many grant competitions, here we can view our project from a non-standard perspective, broader than what a grant application requires,” the teacher explained.

In addition to the creativity seminar, during this stage of the competition, educators examined the structure of public speaking and learned how to effectively present their ideas.

NFP is conducting the “Best Educational Project” contest for the second consecutive year. This time, about 30 teaching teams from schools and kindergartens in the Nahodka urban district participated. Their objective is to make education more effective and interesting. The best practices will be implemented in educational institutions, and their authors will receive prizes from the organizer.