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24 May 2022

Close to 3 million keta salmon fry released

Over 2.7 million keta salmon fry were released into Serebryanka River in Primorye by NFP. This large-scale environmental event part done under the state program, and in part as compensation for potential damages to nature during construction, and will help increase fish population and preserve biological diversity of valuable fish species in Primorye and the Far East.

According to NFP Executive Director Viktor Grebenyukov, this keta fry release event is a trial run, signifying an important step in NFP’s environmental work. “This is the beginning of a large-scale job to be performed on a regular basis by our experts alongside Primorsky Fisheries Agency and the Primorsky Branch of FSI “Glavrybvod”. We live by the sea, and our common goal is to preserve what nature provided,” said Viktor Grebenyukov.

Each fry weighs about 0.6 grams. Serebryanka River is a natural “maternity ward” for keta salmon – a saltwater fish, it however only spawns in river water.   After being released in fresh water, keta salmon fry settle down for several days and then move on. An arduous road lies ahead of them – several kilometers to the sea. It takes keta salmon three to four years to grow up, and once it does it returns to the rivers to spawn.

“This is an important recovery measure for restoration of aquatic biological resources. In this case, it’s keta salmon. The release of fry by NFP is an example we set for other enterprises that also have obligations to preserve and replenish our natural resources,” said Valery Korko, head of the Primorsky Fisheries Agency.

The future fertilizer plant is one of the most high-tech and environmentally friendly production facilities in the Primorye. Three infrastructural facilities are currently under construction, in May the plant received a permit to build wastewater treatment facilities, with works to be commenced soon by a local Nakhodka contractor. In addition, this year construction of a ​​3,000 sq. m., 1 million seedlings\year tree nursery in Partizansky district has commenced as part of NFP environmental program.

In summary: Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant is among the top 3 investment projects in the Far East and the top 10 in Russia, with tax payments to budgets of all levels amounting to 49 billion rubles just for the duration of Priority Development Area preferential tax treatment, further on the budgets will be supplemented by 26 billion rubles annually. At the startup stage, the plant will create 1,500 employment opportunities, 80% of which will be occupied by residents of Nakhodka and the Primorsky Krai, and the remaining 20% by professionals from other regions with experience in similar industries.