Press centre

31 May 2022

NFP commences construction of waste treatment facilities

A permit for construction of waste treatment facilities was recently obtained by NFP. Construction of treatment facilities will minimize the pressure on local environment in and around the area of the future large-scale production facility.

“The contractor has been mobilized on site and we are commencing construction of yet another infrastructure facility. Some residents of Nakhodka have previously expressed fears that the treatment plant will not be built, but will remain only as a drawing, on paper. We assure you that this is not the case, the facility will be built before the main manufacturing facility,” says Viktor Grebenyukov, Executive Director of NFP.

This large waste treatment complex designed with the most cutting-edge highly efficient waste water treatment technologies will take up a 610 sq. m. land plot. The stages of waste water treatment include mechanical pretreatment, two-stage water purification (ultrafiltration and sorption filter system using membrane biological reactor technology) and ultraviolet disinfection.

This unique membrane biological reactor used at NFP is capable of entrapping 99.9% of microorganisms on the membrane surface, provides a higher quality of waste water treatment compared to classic technologies and aerotanks, partially disinfects treated wastewater, and also guarantees reliability of highly efficient of suspended solids removal from the waste water.

The treatment facilities’ output amount to 700 cub.m./day, which is enough for treatment of both the waste water coming from plant facilities that have already been designed and the waste water from future facilities that will be added with further development of the Plant.

The treatment complex will be automated, no need for constant staff presence at the facility. When the facility is operational, water discharged from the facility after treatment will be periodically tested as part of production environmental control, same goes for sea water and bottom sediments around the area of discharge.

The waste water treatment plant is the fourth facility for which a permit for construction was obtained by NFP. Currently on-going works include two site access roads and water reserve tank for the future plant.