22 December 2022

Comprehensive Development Plan of Nakhodka Finds Reflection in Children’s Drawings

Nearly 200 schoolchildren from Nakhodka participated in the drawing contest “Nakhodka – City of the Future” organized by Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) with the support of the Nakhodka administration. In their vibrant drawings, the children depicted a city that was both fantastical and recognizable, featuring infrastructure and structures they envisioned for Nakhodka’s future. What makes it even more intriguing is that many of these envisioned elements will soon become a reality, as they are already part of the ongoing implementation of the Comprehensive Plan for the city’s socio-economic development.

This year marked the third anniversary of the “Nakhodka – City of the Future” children’s drawing contest, which, unlike previous years, exclusively welcomed elementary school students as participants.

For the organizers of the contest, conducting this event provided a valuable opportunity to connect the aspirations and dreams of the young city residents with tangible initiatives that are already in progress. It is worth noting that the driving force behind the development of the Comprehensive Plan for the socio-economic development of Nakhodka was also NFP.

“The drawing contest has become a tradition for NFP and an excellent platform for showcasing the talents of these young individuals. Each time, we witness a growth in the quality of the artworks—they become more captivating and intricate. We are grateful to every participant for their enthusiastic response. In their vibrant drawings, the children depicted a city that was both fantastical and recognizable, featuring infrastructure and structures they envisioned for Nakhodka’s future. This year, we began construction on a sports center, playgrounds, and a new waterfront in Nakhodka—the very elements we saw in the children’s drawings from previous years. Many of the ideas conveyed by the children’s artwork this year, such as beach improvements and sports facilities, are actually planned for implementation in the Comprehensive Plan for Nakhodka’s development,” noted Victor Grebenyukov, the executive director of NFP.

Every year the city administration traditionally supports the initiative of organizing this contest.

“This is a wonderful idea. A simple story of children’s creativity actually reflects the great potential that exists within our city. The participants in the contest are children who care about the future of their hometown and its development. These drawings represent the imagination of the younger generation. It’s interesting to see that they depict the very facilities that are currently being built. We strive to implement and bring to life many projects that will make our city more modern and comfortable to live in. When you feel the children respond with their creativity, it inspires us to work even harder in this direction,” noted Yana Kudinova, deputy head of the Nakhodka Urban District Administration.

In addition to their imaginative and futuristic artworks, the children were able to keenly and succinctly depict topics that are relevant to Nakhodka. Olga Dvornikova, a 4th-grade student, portrayed a bridge over the Kamenka River in an urban landscape.

“I wasn’t sure at first if I should participate in the contest, but my mom and teacher insisted because they know I love drawing. I didn’t even think about winning a prize or receiving a gift. The most important thing was to participate,” commented the schoolgirl. Her father, Marat Kashapov, helped her come up with the idea for the drawing.

“I suggested showcasing the trend towards sports activities and the development of the city at the intersection of sports and ecology. What my daughter drew is already being implemented in Nakhodka. There are already bicycle paths near Lake Solenoye. There are plans to clean both the lake and the Kamenka River. Perhaps the administration will build the infrastructure for water sports or water-based recreation, such as rowing or catamarans,” he added.

The winners and finalists of the contest received certificates from NFP, which they can use to purchase gadgets.