28 December 2022

Teachers in Nakhodka gear up for Vocational Skills Contest

The second stage of the contest for the best educational project has started in Nakhodka. Participants – 24 pedagogical teams – will be developing their projects for the next several months in order to enhance educational process in Nakhodka’s kindergartens and schools. The best practices will be implemented in educational institutions, and their authors will receive prizes from the organizer, Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP). The contest is held with the support of the Information and Methodological Centre “Razvitie” and the city administration.

The development of the education sector is one of the key priorities in NFP’s social policy. By popularizing science, supporting innovative teachers and their students, the company takes an active hand in the development of Nakhodka. Talented teachers who can kindle children’s enthusiasm will be able to raise determined and intellectual youth.

“The competition calls on school and pre-school teachers to find ideas on how to develop children’s abilities and to create an environment where children can be brought up with patriotism and love for their home city. With this, children will get a chance study their region, they will love it and choose to stay here in the future. This time, we will put a focus on career guidance, engineering thinking and functional literacy within the scope of the projects.

Due to the dynamic nature of the contest, it is still too early to make any comments on the presented projects. Teachers will work on their initiatives for several months, and the initial applications may eventually be presented in a completely new format,” said Lyudmila Putintseva, the head of “Razvitie”. The contest is traditionally held in two categories: the best educational project in kindergarten and the best educational project in school. This year, 7 applications were submitted for the first category, and 17 for the second. School No. 5 became the most active participant in the contest, with its teachers presenting as many as six projects.

The first dry run of the project presentations will take place in January, and the results will be announced at the end of March 2023. Five projects in each category will be promoted to Top-10.

The implementation of projects presented last year is also underway: for instance, a weather station for preschoolers was opened at kindergarten No. 8. The unique platform was installed with help from NFP team.

The winners of the 2022 competition were awarded with various advanced-training courses, and teachers from Nakhodka’s School No. 9 successfully completed training at the Human Education Institute in St. Petersburg.

It is worth mentioning that NFP has undertaken a comprehensive approach to social activities. The Best Educational Project is not the only educational initiative in the company’s program. In parallel with the competition of pedagogical ideas, the company is running the Formula for Success contest for school research projects; this year it brought together more than 160 children from all schools in the Nakhodka urban district.