16 January 2023

Young Hockey Players from Vrangel competed for NFP Cup.

A street hockey club tournament for children took place in Vrangel. Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) provided gifts to all participants of the tournament and served hot meals for the athletes.

Two teams competed for the title of the strongest. Both teams are composed of players from a children’s football team, which NFP took under its patronage three years ago. During the summer, the kids play on the grass, and in winter, they hit the ice wearing skates. That is how they keep in their peak form all year round.

Supporting sports, especially mass and youth sports, is an important focus of the company’s social policy. The company helps Nakhodka develop, and provides opportunities for the development to its residents. Every year, NFP purchases sports equipment and organizes local tournaments, providing young athletes with the opportunity to train and lead a healthy lifestyle.

“We train every day with the kids. We prepare the rink and the ice ourselves, but before the season, NFP helped us get it in order – painting it and repairing the fencing. These improved conditions serve as additional motivation for the athletes,” said Sergey Shmyrov, the coach of the NFP team.

There was structure to the game: 3 periods of 15 minutes each. The opponents displayed intense emotions and put on a spectacular fight. As the final score (15:13) showed, the teams were evenly matched.

“I really enjoy playing hockey! I come to the rink twice a day. In the morning, I practice shooting without skates. In the evening, I train with the team. Today everything came together perfectly: great weather, good mood, accurate passes,” shared young hockey player Vlad Lebedev.

Similar tournaments within the team are held regularly, allowing the kids to not only train their skills but also to prepare for participation in city-wide competitions.