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07 July 2022

Development of natural gas infrastructure in the south of Primorye made possible by NFP

Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizers Factory (NFP) will save the budget up to six hundred million, and will improve Nakhodka’s environment. This will be made possible thanks to the start of operation of the main gas pipeline serving the plant, to which the town’s gas network will be connected. The news has been announced at the 6th Eastern Forum for Oil and Gas in Vladivostok.

Currently, the town has eleven boiler houses operating either on heavy fuel oil or on coal. All of those could be replaced by just two boiler houses working on gas.

“The gas main connecting NFP will allow us to develop the entire utility infrastructure in order to transition from heavy fuel oil and coal – pollutants that have negative impact on the air quality. Gas-fired boilers have no emissions, zero wear of equipment, which means lower risk of mechanical failures, and minimal operational costs. The gas line will most surely mark a starting point in a new cycle in Nakhodka’s development,” said Elena Parkhomenko, deputy chairperson of the government of Primorye.

Construction of two new gas-fired boiler houses will level out the atmospheric emissions of soot. Refurbishment of boiler houses will reduce consumption of heavy fuel oil by forty-five thousand tons resulting in 590 million rubles of savings for the local budget.

“NFP will be a key consumer of natural gas (more than three billion cubic meters per year), which makes this project feasible and profitable for Gazprom. This will also reduce the burden on the budget of respective local communities. Taxes are a big bonus for the region. The gas line goes through Primorye, which means that NFP will be making payments for each cubic meter of gas. These payments will be used for developing the gas infrastructure of the local communities,” stated Victor Grebenyukov, executive director of NFP.

Natural gas, produced on Sakhalin Island, will come to Nakhodka from the town of Bolshoi Kamen: ninety-seven kilometers of pipes connecting to gas distribution station in Vrangel, and another 3.5 kilometers to connect NFP. The gas line is currently under construction. Approximately 60 km of the pipe (which amounts to 60%) has already been welded.

Vera Shcherbina, first vice governor of Primorye and chair of the regional government, emphasized that after the completion of NFP project, crucial for development of gas infrastructure of the entire south cluster, natural gas would come to the local communities throughout the entire south Primorye.

As you may remember, Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizers Factory is one of Russia’s top ten largest investment projects, and one of top three investment projects in the Russian Far East. As a resident of advanced development territory (ADT), NFP will contribute forty-nine billion rubles in taxes to budgets at every level.

Photo: IA Primamedia