22 February 2023

“Ecology Cadets” of NFP Learn to Protect Nature

School 24 in Nakhodka founded the first eco-squad in the city. The students of Class 1A took part in the induction ceremony. The mentors of the “Ecology Cadets” in matters of nature conservation are specialists from Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) and the administration of Nakhodka Urban District.

Environmental education and raising ecological awareness among schoolchildren and youth is one of the key directions of NFP’s social policy. It is a multi-level process. For example, high school students in Nakhodka participating in the “Formula for Success” contest have been conducting independent research in the field of ecology of their hometown for three consecutive years. Furthermore, last year NFP launched a series of environmentally-oriented lessons in schools across the city district, and one of the eco-lessons took place precisely in this 1A class.

“We have accumulated experience and knowledge on how not to harm the environment. We want to not only apply them in our production processes but also instill a conservation mindset towards nature from early childhood, cultivating a generation of citizens whom we can rely on. For the ‘Ecology Cadets’ we will become mentors, participating together in various environmental activities such as clean-up days, eco-quests, and tree planting,” said Yuri Vyhodtsev, Head Ecologist of NFP.

The city administration also supported the environmental initiative of the company.

“There are many environmental activities taking place in Nakhodka but the founding of a whole ‘Ecology Cadets’ squad in the first grade is happening for the first time in my experience. In general, I believe that children should be introduced to ecology from an early age. Unfortunately, we have had setbacks when it comes to educational policies regarding environmental upbringing, and they were practically non-existent. That’s why the earlier we start eco-education, the better. The future depends on these children,” noted Irina Korotets, Head of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management of the Nakhodka Urban District Administration.

The first graders recited the oath of a young ecologist, promising to protect plants, seas, and rivers, conserve water, clean up after themselves, and become the best friends of nature. At the culmination of the solemn event, the “Ecology Cadets” were presented with symbols of young nature defenders — green tie scarves.

“When they have a specific attribute, children take their mission more responsibly and understand their significance. This is the only class with green tie scarves in our school. I believe they will wear them with pride. The children have been studying at the school for over six months, and during this time, they have come a long way, preparing for their induction ceremony, learning about nature, about how to protect it, and what each of us can do to make the world cleaner,” commented Irina Silaeva, the 1A class teacher.

The new ecology squad has many plans, including participating in city-wide and all-Russian events and contests. The children are already ready to stand up for the environment.

“I promised to clean up litter, plant flowers and trees, water them, and help nature,” shared young ecologist Matvey Vishnyakov.

It should be noted that NFP is still in the construction phase, but it is already actively involved in the development of the city and the region. Last year, a student volunteer squad was founded, which, also implements ecological initiatives, among its other activities.