13 February 2023

First Results of Nakhodka Comprehensive Development Plan

Kindergarten 55 in Vrangel has opened its doors following extensive renovation. This is one of the facilities implemented as part of the Nakhodka Comprehensive Development Plan, initiated by the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP). The kindergarten now features a modern dining area, and the children’s meals are prepared on-site using fresh ingredients, eliminating the use of semi-finished food products.

The implementation of the Nakhodka Comprehensive Development Plan by NFP represents a visible outcome of the company’s social policy aimed at improving the quality of life in the city. The projects to be constructed and modernized were selected by the residents of Nakhodka themselves. In 2022, as part of the Nakhodka Development Plan, 27 contracts were signed for major renovations in 9 schools and 9 kindergartens. Landscaping improvements have been carried out in Kindergartens 19, 15, 46, and 58, while Kindergarten 27 had its roof replaced. Kindergarten No. 8 underwent pool repairs, and Kindergarten 20 received a new fence. Additionally, extensive renovations were conducted on the dining facilities of Kindergartens 45 and 55.

“All the completed works will contribute to improving the conditions for children in preschool institutions, ensuring their safety, development, and organized meal services,” commented Evgenia Mukhamadieva, the head of the Nakhodka Education Department. It’s worth noting that renovating the dining facilities involved more than just replacing tiles, installing new ventilation systems, wiring, and baths. It also included the establishment of specialized departments such as vegetable processing, primary and secondary food preparation, as well as hot and cold food sections. These improvements allow the kindergarten to rely less on semi-finished food products and instead procure fresh vegetables, fruits, and prepare their own fish, chicken, and meat dishes,” added Evgenia Mukhamadieva.

Kindergarten 55, located in the Vrangel district, caters to 215 children aged one and a half and above. The refurbishment of its dining facilities was a highly anticipated event. The renovation lasted nearly 4 months, during which time workers reinstalled the engineering infrastructure, ventilation system, and redesigned the space while installing new equipment. The total cost of the project exceeded 6.2 million rubles.

“The kindergarten was built in 1981. Over the years, the dining facilities were actively used and were in need of repairs. We used to rely on semi-finished food products and couldn’t work with all types of ingredients. After renovating the dining facilities, we developed a new menu. Even though the children enjoyed their meals before, now the food has become even healthier, tastier, and more diverse,” shared Yana Vall, the director of Kindergarten 55.

Nina Amirova, the head chef, has been working in the kindergarten for nearly 40 years. When she saw the new dining facilities, she was deeply moved and burst into tears, as she had been eagerly awaiting these changes.

“It’s incomparable—how it was and how it has become. They simply demolished the old dining area and built it anew. The floors used to be dreadful, but now everything is clean, level, and bright. It brings such joy!” said Nina Amirova.

The children are also delighted. They enjoy the macaroni, soups, cutlets, meatballs, cottage cheese casseroles, and omelets prepared in the new dining facilities.

It’s important to note that the initial phase of the plan’s implementation doesn’t only focus on educational institutions in Nakhodka. Work has commenced on the landscaping of the Solenoye Lake area, construction of sports facilities, and the modernization of the library system.