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17 May 2024

Four tree alleys are planted in Nakhodka by the Ecology Cadets of NFP

Nakhodka keeps competing for the title of the greenest city in Primorye. On the all-Russian day of forest plantation NFP together with some volunteers and representatives of the Primorye government helped schoolchildren and kindergartners to plant their own tree alleys.

This environmental campaign took place at the kindergarten no.59 and school no.24 in Nakhodka, where NFP gave the first eco-lessons and children started their own environmental movement and established the first class for eco-cadets.

“Eco-lessons in Nakhodka have become a tradition, but these kids have a special place in our hearts. They got so interested in environmental protection that it became an integral part of their personal, school and kindergarten life. We are really happy that even at home they sort waste, breed fish and plant trees,” says Yuriy Vykhodtsev, the Chief Environmental Specialist of NFP.

The campaign turned out to be a large-scale one: NFP volunteers and volunteers from the School Forestry Squad of the Novitskoye village, Partizansky District, all joined in and over the course of just a couple of hours managed to plant four tree alleys and over one hundred seedlings.

“What kind of seedling is that? Where are the roots? Where is the top? How to plant it? These were the questions asked by the kids, who took extra interest in studying each of the seedlings. Seedlings of cedar, maple and linden trees were provided by our colleagues from the Sergeevsk Forestry,” says Maria Sobyanina, the Head of the Reforestation Department of the Ministry of Forestry, Natural Resources, Animal and Environmental Protection in the Primorsky Krai.

Eco-lessons given by NFP in schools and kindergartens of Nakhodka became a starting point for a number of environment-oriented events not just for children, but for their parents and teachers too. The plan for the foreseeable future is to turn eco-lessons into a city-wide tradition.