23 April 2022

Graduates of Nakhodka College of Humanities and Technology are eager to work for NFP

Specialists from the Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant met with students from the  Nakhodka State College of Humanities and Technology during the Career Day fair. The graduates found the job opportunities at NFP quite interesting.  In particular, they were attracted by the chance to achieve professional fulfillment and gain relevant work experience at a modern company located in their hometown.

On of the main NFP’s objectives is to retain the city’s human resources. The company relies on local specialists and even its junior staff enjoy decent salaries, a wide package of employee benefits and additional health insurance, which also includes dental care for the employee and their children.


The NFP team is currently being formed.  The company is planning to increase its headcount significantly by 2025, so now it is actively creating a talent pool.  And a way to do so is by engaging local university and college graduates in dialogue.


“It is important that during their studies, these folks can do internships at the city’s operating enterprises and get awards in professional skills contests.  The Faculty of Sciences is special for our college and studing there is also quite difficult.   Not everyone can cope with it and those who can make it to the 4th year will become highly qualified specialists.  We are confident in our graduates and we would want them to stay Nakhodka and work for the good of this city.  That means that partnership with local enterprises is our priority,” said  Elena Voystryk, acting director of the college.

This year around 400 students will graduate from this institution, and 20 out of them have oil and gas processing technology as a major.


The company is also interested in hiring fresh graduates with majors in other (non-core) fields.  The plant is ready to pay tuition fees for future professionals who will be in demand  at large-scale production facilities and can guarantee them jobs after their graduation.


NFP received great feeback after the meeting – the college students are willing to work at the plant.


“I’ve got interested in NFP’s offer because I’ve been passionate about chemistry since my school days.  I want to try myself in this particular industry, to see the future arrangement of such a large-scale production facility.  It is worth noting that  today is the day when I decided to seriously consider this opportunity; in the near future I will apply for it so that they include me in the talent pool,” said Semyon Ogurtsov, a future hardware and software specialist.


NFP and  Nakhodka College of Humanities and Technology have been closely cooperating in training of professional staff for a long time, and several students have already signed employer-sponsored education contracts.