22 April 2022

NFP keeps promises: Korovka beach is ready for the summer season

A big volunteer clean-up event was organized by NFP on Koroviy (Korovka) beach, the main recreation area for the residents of Vrangel. More than 120 people stepped up to clean the territory: they collected about 20 cubic meters of garbage and fixed up the playgrounds.

The company remains strongly committed to the environment protection in its social policy. Last year, NFP held an extensive tree-planting campaign for Vrangel, and in the near future, NFP’s own tree nursery will also start operating. At the request of residents, a large-scale reconstruction of Koroviy beach was started in 2021: playgrounds and sports activity areas, locker rooms and benches are already in place.

“We live and work here, and on top of our big projects – such as participating in the economic development of the district – we contribute to improving the social space, the environment of Nakhodka and Vrangel on an everyday basis. Today, we are officially handing over this well-equipped site to the city, and we have previously carried out a spring cleaning here”, said Viktor Grebenyukov, NFP ‘s Executive Director.

Local residents also joined the spring cleaning of the area. The volunteer clean-up event was traditionally held in the eco-festival format – with artist performances, hot-food catering and a fair: each participant was able to exchange the collected garbage for eco-money and then buy sweets and useful souvenirs with it.

“We often come to chill out at Korovka beach, and, of course, it’s nice to spend time in a clean and well-maintained area. We can see that the beach is changing: it is not always possible to swim because of the weather, but now you can just sit on the bench while your kid is playing on the playground, or you can go in for sports”, stated Irina Seryogina and Alexandra Leontyeva, participants in the volunteer clean-up event.

The development of a new public space will be continued. There are plans to arrange local summer music performances and city festivals.

“Beaches are hallmark of Nakhodka, and people from all over the Far East region come here on vacation. It is clear that the Vrangel community members love this beach, so they readily joined the initiative of the volunteer clean-up . And what’s even more exciting is that very soon the beach will become a modern public space”, noted Timur Maginsky, Mayor of Nakhodka.

Oleg Serganov, First Deputy Chairman of the Nakhodka’s Duma, added that such environmental events help develop environmental education among the residents of the region.

“Such events discipline young people well – you will never leave the garbage again in the place which you cleaned up. Koroviy beach is a beautiful location, and it is great to see it being filled with social life”, said Oleg Serganov.

Eco-holiday at Korovka beach was held for the second time. Residents are ready to support the NFP’s initiative and continue monitoring the cleanliness of the beach. In addition, a large-scale volunteer clean-up day picked up the baton from OTV-Prim, Primorsky TV channel. Its employees were among the first to step up for spring cleaning and invited regional organizations to join them. Today, NFP passed the baton further – to the municipal government and the local Duma. The next volunteer clean-up day will be held in Nakhodka on 22 April when the Duma members will clean up the territory around the Central Park of Culture and Leisure.