02 September 2022

Minister of Energy and Gas Supply of Primorsky Krai: NFP and Gazprom work in sync in Vrangel

Andrey Leontiev, the Minister of Energy and Gas Supply of Primorsky Krai, inspected the construction site of the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) and visited the gas distribution station in Vrangel. He noted the full synchronization of the two projects, which has a positive impact on the implementation timeline.

The construction of the gas pipeline, which will bring gas to Nakhodka from Bolshoy Kamen, has reached its final stage: 83% of the pipes have already been welded, and 60% of the backfilling has been completed. The plant is the key consumer of gas in the vicinity of Nakhodka. The Vrangel gas distribution station will connect the main gas pipeline with the future plant’s networks. Currently, the construction of the facility is at an advanced stage of completion: the foundation has been fully installed, the interconnections are being made, and nearly 100% of the equipment is in place.

Simultaneously, infrastructure construction works are underway at the plant itself. Specialists are building two access roads for vehicles, wastewater treatment facilities, and a water reserve tank to meet the needs of the plant.

“Work on the gas pipeline and the Vrangel Gas Distribution Station is progressing according to schedule. We see active work taking place at the site of NFP. Gazprom and NFP are in sync, so I believe that the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizers Plant will be completed right on time,” commented Andrey Leontiev.

As you may remember, NFP is one of Russia’s top ten largest investment projects, and one of top 3 investment projects in the Russian Far East. As a resident of advanced development territory (ADT), NFP will contribute 49 billion rubles in taxes to budgets at all levels. In addition, the plant will create 1500 jobs with decent salaries and comfortable working conditions.