13 September 2022

Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation: NFP construction works are on schedule

Natalia Trunova, Auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, and Darya Kiryanova, Deputy General Director of Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (FEDC), inspected the construction site of Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) and were satisfied with the progress of the work.

“The Accounts Chamber audits expenditures on the financing of priority development areas [PDA] and the execution of expenditures under the state programme for the development of the Far East. We try to approach the issue not only from the side of numbers, we understand that there are amounts and deadlines, but it is also important to see what is actually happening on the site. Today, we have seen that the mineral fertilizer plant construction project is moving forward dynamically. This allows us to say that all terms will be met and, in a few years, we will attend the opening of NFP,” commented Natalia Trunova, Auditor of the Audit Chamber.

NFP is an anchor resident of PDA “Nakhodka”. It is among the top ten largest investment projects in Russia and in the top three investment projects being implemented in the Far East, with tax payments to budgets of all levels amounting to 49 billion rubles already during the period of preferential treatment of the PDA.

“NFP is a company that, from all points of view, has prospects for development. It is extremely important that the company not only invests in the construction of its facilities, but also helps to implement the socio-economic development plan for Nakhodka itself, which will improve the lives of people in southern Primorye. The Far East and Arctic Development Corporation fully supports the project and will continue to provide full assistance in its implementation. We have had a look at what is being designed, at the infrastructure facilities under construction. We are satisfied with the progress of the work,” said Daria Kiryanova.

Currently, two roads, a water reservoir, wastewater treatment facilities and a section of the gas pipeline from the Wrangel gas distribution station to the plant are under construction on the plant site. In addition, permits were obtained in August for the construction of a marine terminal and for site preparation works in September.

As a reminder, the plant will have a total workforce of 1,500. Even before construction begins, NFP is offering decent wages, an extended benefits and additional health insurance for employees and their children.