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20 June 2024

NFP begins the construction of underground utilities

A cargo vessel has arrived at the Port of Nakhodka with new equipment onboard: pipes and other materials required for the construction of the NFP’s underground utility networks. The total length of the delivered pipes amounts to more than 9 km.

“These pipes will be used for the construction of the underground utilities of the plant, namely for sewage, water and steam distribution purposes. All of the pipes are made of high-tech and safe materials such as 3-layer steel with PE coating and fiberglass. It means that all the utilities will be protected against oxidation, corrosion and leakages and can be used for more than 50 years without inflicting any damage to the environment,” says Viktor Grebenyukov, the Executive Director of NFP.

The length of each pipe varies between 6 and 40 meters. Due to the technology used for the pipes production, they can be laid without any additional preparation, which means that the construction of the underground pipeline will be completed within a year.

We would like to remind you that NFP is the key resident of the Nakhodka ASEZ. It is one of the ten largest investment projects in Russia and one of the three investment projects of the Far East.