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18 June 2024

NFP helping Nakhodka school graduates score high points in USE

The number of Nakhodka school graduates who passed the USE (Unified State Exam) in chemistry with 85 points and above doubled compared to last year. This is backed up by the data of the Nakhodka City District Education Department.

For the last three years every tenth eleventh-grader in Nakhodka chooses chemistry as one of the principal subjects for the USE. This year there are 70 such graduates in Nakhodka.

Interest in chemistry among schoolchildren is growing due to new opportunities and development of the educational base in the city. For example, for the fourth year in a row NFP hold a school project competition known as Formula of Success, where participants conduct their own research in chemistry and environmental studies, visit FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) laboratories and work with leading teachers and professors of the region. The winners of the competition present their scientific works at competitions at various levels, and the Formula of Success itself has repeatedly won all-Russian competitions.

Besides, in the last academic year NFP specialists would hold monthly “lessons of entertaining chemistry” with school students and preschool children. The main purpose of such classes is to change the perception of chemistry as a complicated subject and to demonstrate the importance of natural sciences in everyday life.

We would like to remind you that NFP is Primorsky Krai’s lead employer of specialists in “chemical” field.

“We sign agreements with students on contract-targeted training, providing students with an additional stipend, practice opportunities, and for people who passed the training we provide guaranteed employment at the plant. Two years ago, we opened a specialized “chemistry and chemical engineering” field of student training at FEFU – This year we will have a third wave of applicants under this specialized program,” says Alina Sedlyar, Lead Specialist of NFP Staff Training and Assessment Department.

Upon launch NFP will become the largest employer in Nakhodka, with predicted 1500 workplaces. The enterprise is focused on hiring local specialists. Already now 80% of employees are residents of the city and the region.