26 August 2022

NFP helped first-graders with disabilities start their school year

The town of Nakhodka hosted a special inclusive event for first-graders to start their school year on a festive note. This year, the event organized by Nakhodka branch of the All-Russian Society of Disabled Persons, received support from the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP).

A vibrant celebration was arranged for these children, featuring contests, an entertaining program by animators, gifts, and words of encouragement for the future first-graders.

“I have long noticed that children from the disabled community always stand somewhat apart during the official school assembly, especially if they attend a regular mainstream school. That’s why, on the eve of September 1st, we hold our own celebration where they can feel more at ease. Everything and everyone here is familiar to them, allowing for a truly festive atmosphere to emerge. This is important for all students, but especially for first-graders,” stated Irina Bondar, Chairperson of the Society of Disabled Persons in Nakhodka.

There are 129 children in the Society. This year, the number of first-graders is greater than ever before, with a total of 13 students. All of them received gifts from NFP: backpacks filled with all the necessary school supplies and creative art sets.

Among the future first-graders is 6-year-old Sofya Mityaeva, a wheelchair user. On September 1st, she will become a student in a regular class at School No. 12. Her entire family has been preparing for this day.

“Sofya is eagerly awaiting September 1st. She has been attending preparatory classes at school for the entire year. She can read now, and we often go to the library to borrow books. Her favorite one is ‘Smart Dog Sonya’ by Andrey Usachyov,” shares Raisa Vasilyevna, Sofya’s grandmother.

NFP has been supporting initiatives of the Nakhodka branch of the All-Russian Society of Disabled Persons for several years and actively participates in organizing their events. Creating inclusive conditions in Nakhodka that would equally foster the abilities of all residents is an important part of the company’s social policy. Last year, NFP acquired sports uniforms and training equipment for the athletes of the Para Taekwondo section under the Disabled Persons Society. In the spring, with the active support of the plant, the “Cheerful Races” event was held, dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.