09 August 2022

Children’s Weather Forecast Service to be Established in Nakhodka

Employees of the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant have installed a weather station for young weather forecasters on the premises of Kindergarten 8. This unique facility is a project that emerged victorious in a pedagogical excellence competition initiated by the company this year. Preschoolers will begin their practical activities in September.

The station is equipped with a weather visualizer, sundials, a weathervane, windsock, and instruments for observing natural phenomena. Here, children will have the opportunity to learn how to analyze the surrounding environment.

“We will name the weather station ‘Territory of Curious Minds. Older preschool children will engage in exploration, experimentation, and for publishing their observation results we will launch the ‘Drizzle’ Telegram channel for the Children’s Weather Forecast Service. In their observations, children will rely on both scientific data and traditional weather wisdom. We plan to organize green festivals and events involving the children from nearby kindergartens and schools,” shared Natalya Antipieva, Deputy Head of Pedagogical and Methodological Work at Kindergarten 8.

The idea of creating a weather station made it to the top 3 of the “Best Educational Project” pedagogical excellence competition in a preschool institution organized by the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant in collaboration with the “Razvitie” education methodology center and the administration of the Nakhodka Urban District. The installation of the facility marks the final step in the implementation of this project. The specialists from the plant have marked the area, installed the equipment, and assembled the components of the platform.

“My colleagues and I gladly responded to the request to install the weather observation station. For us, it is an opportunity to help children bring their ideas to fruition and to engage in team building. Personally, I have always dreamed of studying nature, so I am delighted to be involved in making the children’s dream come true,” shared Vladislav Chubukov, Chief Specialist in Industrial Safety at Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant.

Supporting education is an important part of the plant’s social policy. The quality of life in the city directly depends on the motivation and creativity of children and educators. Therefore, the “Best Educational Project” competition for pedagogical excellence is planned to be held annually.