01 August 2022

Comprehensive approach: NFP creates comfortable working and living conditions

Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizers Plant (NFP) is convinced that maintaining and multiplying the potential of Nakhodka’s human resources is impossible without creating comfortable living conditions. That is why staff policy of the company is actively intertwined with its social policy – in parallel with the work to create a pool of vacancies with decent salaries and attractive working conditions, NFP is addressing issues of area development.

Nakhodka labour market issues were discussed by representatives of government and business at the round table organised by Nakhodka.Media news agency.

The most in-demand topic for discussion was qualified employees for major projects in Nakhodka. NFP has a rather unconventional approach to this issue: instead of large-scale relocation of specialists from other areas, it relies on locals, working with students and improving the social climate in the city.

“We are interested in both experienced employees and the youth potential of Primorsky Krai. We are planning to employ 80% of employees from Nakhodka city district and neighboring towns and districts. It is necessary not only to create jobs but also to strive for keeping people from leaving Nakhodka, it is especially important to create comfortable conditions for young people. This is one of the reasons why we came up with an initiative to create an integrated development plan for the area, and today we can already see the beginning of its implementation,” said Viktor Grebenyukov, executive director of NFP.

For graduates of Primorsky regional educational institutions, working at NFP is a unique chance to join the team of a new, high-tech production facility while it is still in its formation stage, to gain practical experience and build their career. The plant successfully cooperates with FEFU and Nakhodka State Humanitarian and Polytechnic College. They are already training specialists who are expected to join the NFP team. In the future, NFP is ready to pay additional tuition fees for professions that are in demand at large-scale production with a guarantee of further employment.  This approach makes potential applicants particularly interested in the plant.

“A lot of people, when they register at the Employment Centre, ask about work at NFP. No other enterprise in the city now receives such attention in terms of potential jobs. For your understanding, there are just under 600 jobseekers for nearly 7,000 vacancies registered with the Employment Centre today. NFP offers about 60 vacancies, but the number of applicants for jobs at this very enterprise is more than 10 times over,” commented Ekaterina Vlasova, the head of Nakhodka’s employment centre.

Even before the plant’s commissioning, NFP offers a decent wage, extended benefits, and additional medical insurance for the employee and their children. Job seekers’ CVs are welcome at nzmu.ru.