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22 July 2022

NFP to help restore the forests of Southern Primorye

A new forest nursery designed to help restore coastal forests is being built in Partizansk. It will be completed this fall and will allow growing up to one million seedlings\year of cedar, larch and other species. This large-scale environmental project is financed by Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP), and implemented by Primorsky Base of Aviation, Ground Security and Forest Protection.

According to Konstantin Stepanov, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Protection of Primorsky Krai, the new forest nursery will be equipped with an automatic irrigation system, autonomous power supply, a ventilation system and its own water well. It also provides for the storage of plant seeds in the winter. It is expected that the first sowing of seedlings will be made in the spring of next year, and in one or two years when the trees grow up they would be moved to a natural forest habitat.

“Enterprises that set up their facilities on forest fund plots are required to carry out compensatory reforestation – to plant trees in an area equal in size to the one they’ve used. NFP has additionally undertaken to help with provision of planting material. This is an excellent example of social responsibility of business,” the minister said, adding that the nursery will additionally create new jobs, both permanent and attracting seasonal workers.

For NFP construction of forest nurseries is a new and promising area of ​​social activity. Long-term plans involve creation of another five or six nurseries in the next few years.

“In Primorye there exists a need for forest restoration, including through forest plantations, which is about 2.5 million seedlings per year. We had positive experience with local afforestation – last year and the year before last, we planted 1,300 seedlings in Wrangel. Now we have decided – alongside the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife Protection of Primorsky Krai – to build the first large greenhouse-type forest nursery with an area size of ​​about 3,000 square meters. In a couple of years, it will be possible to plant new trees throughout Primorye,” said Victor Grebenyukov, Executive Director of NFP.

A greenhouse is currently being built on the territory of the Partizansky district forestry for growing tree seedlings. Specialists have already leveled the site for construction, workers are assembling the frame structures. “Every autumn we assemble a seed fund. Previously, the seeds were taken to the air base in Artyom. Planting material was obtained from our nuts and cones. With the construction of greenhouses, we will have our own. First of all, this will help with plant adaptation. In addition, a shorter logistic route will provide significant savings in fuel, equipment depreciation and time,” said Vladimir Serov, head of the Partizanskoye district forestry.