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21 July 2022

Repairs in schools in Nakhodka are under parents’ strict supervision

Public observers supervise the execution of Nakhodka socio-economic development plan. First of all they inspect the repair works of educational institutions funded via Far Eastern unified subsidy. Most of the observers are the parents themselves, so the control is especially thorough.

This summer, 18 facilities are being repaired in Nakhodka – 9 schools and 9 kindergartens, with some of them scheduled to complete their respective upgrades by the beginning of the school year. These are the institutions that were included in the first stage of Nakhodka socio-economic development plan, developed by Nakhodka administration and the government of Primorsky Krai at NFP’s initiative. Project execution priority is decided by the residents of Nakhodka.

As of today, a total of 16 public observers work in Nakhodka. Twice a month they go to construction sites: they take photos and videos, fill out checklists, and make proposals for improvement of facilities. Anna Yashkina, a representative of the Institute of Public Observers, inspected school No. 20, which has 516 students. Repairs of the hot water supply system has already been completed here, work is underway to refurbish the building’s facade, and a disabled access ramp will be installed by the beginning of the school year.

“We’ve already been at school No. 20 at the very beginning of work, the progress is obvious. I am very pleased that the work is being done true to schedule. As a parent, it is very important for me that children have beautiful and comfortable schools, kindergartens, so that they would want to go there, ”said Anna Yashkina.

In addition to an outside inspection, public observers review design and estimation documentation and additionally consult with experts if necessary. Their task is to control the quality of works performed by contractors and the fulfillment of deadlines.

According to Marina Mizhueva, deputy principal of school No. 20, the school was built in 1990. Major repairs are being done here for the first time.

“Previously, small water heaters were installed in the classrooms, and even then it was not in all the classrooms. Now hot water has been supplied to all floors, to all offices, to the dining room, to the locker rooms. Facade renovation is also a must. Now the school will be beautiful, bright, so that both students and teachers would be happy to be here. The total cost of repair work at the school amounts to more than 12 million rubles,” said Marina Mizhueva.

Within the scope of the first stage of the Nakhodka development plan execution, apart from refurbishment educational institutions, the area around the Salt Lake will be landscaped, 5 sports facilities will begin construction, the library system will be modernized and the branch of the Primorsky Regional College of Arts will be renovated. 1 billion rubles are planned for these purposes in the city budget.