30 March 2023

NFP is ready to commence construction of main facility

The Administration of Nakhodka Municipal District has issued a permit for the construction of 5,400 MT/day Methanol Production Plant to NFP by virtue of Glavgosekspertiza positive resolution № 25-1-1-3-013883-2023 issued on March 22, 2023.

This means that the design documentation submitted by NFP complies with all environmental requirements, the Urban Development Code and technical regulations, norms and rules for the design and construction of technologically complex facilities.

As per the permit obtained, NFP may commence construction of the plant, which is a key facility of the Nakhodka Priority Development Area (PDA). All works are carried out with strict compliance with environmental standards: earlier the project was reviewed for compliance with environmental standards by Rosprirodnadzor (Environmental Supervision Agency) and Rosrybolovstvo (Agency of Fisheries). The approval states that the project documentation contains a number of preventive measures that alleviate negative impact of the plant on aquatic bioresources and their habitat. Rosrybolovstvo specialists say that the program of industrial and environmental control developed within the framework of the project is designed both for construction and operation stages. According to the results of aquatic bioresources and habitat impact assessment it was determined that the level of impact will be acceptable if the solutions specified in the design documentation are duly observed.

To recap, currently site preparation works are being actively carried out on the site as per relevant permits for said works issued earlier by the Administration of Nakhodka city district. In addition, construction of two roads for access to the future construction site has been completed, construction of a water tank and a sewage treatment plant is nearing completion. A permit has also been obtained for the construction of the marine terminal.

NFP is an anchor resident of the Nakhodka PDA. It is one of the ten largest investment projects in Russia and in the top three investment projects implemented in the Far East, Tax payments to the budgets of all levels will amount to 49 billion rubles during the period of Priority Development Area preferential treatment alone. More than 1,500 jobs will be created at the plant.