05 April 2023

Robotics, Cinema, and 3D Printing transform Central Library of Nakhodka Into an Attraction Hub

A modern multifunctional space is being created at the Central Library of Nakhodka. Now, visitors can not only read books but also explore new technologies, create their own animations, and bring unique projects to life using a 3D printer. The library’s modernization represents another step towards implementing the Nakhodka Comprehensive Development Plan, initiated by Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP).

This plan is a visible outcome of NFP’s social policy, aimed at enhancing the quality of life in the city. The projects to be built and modernized were selected by the residents of Nakhodka themselves. Among them, there are extensive renovations of schools and kindergartens, construction of sports facilities, and improvement of public spaces.

“In 2022, we acquired new expensive equipment and were able to establish a children’s animation studio in the library, as well as upgrade the material base of the robotics club ‘Roboznayka.’  We have also created a prototyping center where models can be created using a 3D printer. The library is, of course, primarily about books, but now it offers so many new and interesting possibilities that attract visitors of all ages,” said Natalya Voronkina, Head of the Central City Library’s Service Department.

The Electronic Resources Hall now has a “smart TV” with a voice assistant, virtual reality glasses, headphones, and electronic books. The robotics circle is the most popular place for young visitors at the library. Through playful activities, children are introduced to the basics of programming and develop their creative thinking.

“My friends and I build various robots using construction sets and program them. It’s so much fun!” says 7-year-old Gleb.

“I attend robotics classes, where I build machines. But besides that, I love coming to the library just to play with the big cubes and in the kinetic sandbox. I have many friends here,” added 7-year-old Vova.

Similar equipment has been introduced in 12 libraries included in the Comprehensive Development Plan of Nakhodka. Now, residents can try out VR technology, programming robots, or create their own animations at their local neighborhood library.