06 April 2023

Volunteers from Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) Take Care of the Eastern Hospital Alley

Last year, students from NGGPK and employees of the plant planted a coniferous alley at the Eastern Hospital in Vrangel, and now it’s time for sanitation work: removing garbage and dry leaves, and trimming tree branches.

“Today, we came to visit our little trees and take care of the area. Last fall, we planted trees here, and now they are under our responsibility. Our numbers are growing: other college students see how much useful work we have already done for Nakhodka and join the volunteer movement,” shared Vasilina Vasilenko, the head of the environmental activism at NGGPK.

The cleanup was supported by the public organization “Green Patrol” and by the management company “Time”. More than 10 cubic meters of dry leaves and branches were removed during the extensive cleaning of the Eastern Hospital area.

“It is crucial that young people participate in cleanup events. I believe that the younger generation should be taught that improving and making our hometown better and more comfortable is within everyone’s reach. It’s great that the business community understands this and actively participates in the development of the local area,” emphasized the representative from the “Green Patrol” public organization and the director of the “Time” management company, Yevgeny Dyuryagin.

According to experts, April is the best time to collect the fallen leaves left from winter and trim the tree crowns that grow near the young conifers.

“We can see that our spruces have survived the winter perfectly, with all the buds intact. However, due to limited sunlight, they may start to suffer. That’s why we came here to thin out the crowns of neighboring trees. The next important event will take place in June when we will prune the spruces so that they can grow into tall trees,” explained Yulia Novikova, a representative from the plant nursery.

Before summer, the volunteers still have many environmental tasks ahead of them, including a city-wide cleanup, participation in the all-Russian action “Garden of Remembrance,” and planting seedlings in the greenhouses of the Partizansky District.

NFP actively participates in the development of eco-volunteerism, assisting students in organizing activities and providing necessary equipment and supplies. The student volunteers team was established last autumn, and at the regional level, and this action by NFP has already been recognized as a model example of the involvement of a large business in the development of the local area and support for active youth.