16 April 2023

Living and Working in Nakhodka: NFP is looking for employees among local residents

The extensive personnel recruitment and talent development program at Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) continues in Primorsky Krai. The HR specialists have participated in the regional job fair “Work in Russia. Time for Opportunities.”

“I believe that we will see positive impact from the face-to-face communication between employers and potential candidates. Firstly, people have the opportunity to explore offers from multiple companies and compare them. Secondly, it is more advantageous to present oneself in person. Currently, Nakhodka has nearly 4,500 job vacancies and a relatively low unemployment rate of 0.7%. In addition to people who are officially unemployed, the job fair is also attended by students. Even before they graduate, they can find opportunities to kick-start their careers,” commented Ekaterina Vlasova, Head of the Nakhodka branch of the Primorsky Center for Employment.

More than 1,500 job positions will be created at NFP, with 80% of them to be filled by residents of Nakhodka and the Primorsky Krai. Currently, the plant already employs over 120 residents of Nakhodka, Vladivostok, and the Partizansky District.

NFP’s booth is always popular at job fairs. The plant’s specialists talked to potential candidates about the working conditions, social benefits, and opportunities for professional and career development. Those interested had the opportunity to submit their resumes and fill out job application forms.

“We have announced current job openings, including such positions as instrumentation and automation fitters, energy specialists, surveyors, capital construction and procurement professionals. We have also discussed career planning and targeted training for students. This information is interesting not only for professionals and students, but also for schoolchildren and their parents,” said Victoria Portyanko, senior specialist in the recruitment and personnel development department at NFP.

Ilya Vakhmin is currently studying in his third year at a local university specializing in installation, fine-tuning, and operation of electrical equipment in industrial and civil buildings. In mid-May, he will begin his first on-site internship, which Ilya would like to do at NFP.

“I plan to settle down in Nakhodka, and further develop my career here. In the future, I’d like to work at the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant because it offers a new production environment with state-of-the-art equipment. It provides an opportunity for me to enhance my skills and engage in work that aligns with my interests and passions,” shared the student.

Simultaneously with the All-Russian Job Fair, the “Engineer’s Career” job fair took place at the Far Eastern Federal University’s Polytechnic Institute. Students have a great interest in NFP, as it is an excellent opportunity for young individuals to become part of the team at the region’s largest enterprise, still in at an early stage of team formation. Students who are undergoing targeted training and achieving high grades receive additional scholarships, and upon graduation, they are guaranteed employment at NFP.

The career section of the official NFP website features all the current job vacancies, including a wide range of engineering specialties. It also includes detailed information on employment, and about registering for targeted training or internships.