20 November 2023

NFP sponsorship is one of the most efficient educational practices in Primorye

Primary school teachers from Primorsky Krai and educational experts called sponsorship of the second form “A” in school No 24 by the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) a unique regional experience and stressed importance of exchanging this practice with other local schools. Ms Irina Silaeva, form mistress of the schoolchildren receiving an eco-training, made a presentation on the business contribution at a regional educational conference “Modern primary school: specifics of organization of efficient educational practices”.

In its social policy NFP places special emphasis on the environmental education and fostering of eco-culture among schoolchildren and the youth. Last year, as part of this strategy, school No 24 in Nakhodka set up the first eco-team with the first-form schoolchildren in it. NFP gave environmental guidance to the eco-team.

“The name of our presentation at the conference was “A role of a form teacher after classes”. A great deal of the presentation was about cooperation with NFP. It is critical that not only we make children aware of the environment, but also we use а pragmatic approach. The eco-team take an active part in every process: during initiation scarves were tied on them, together with the adults they participated in the community clean-up on Korovka beach and planted trees near the school,” said Irina Silaeva, Honoured Teacher of Russia.

Vocational guidance is another significant contribution of NFP to the education of the eco-team. The NFP people have already given lessons in ecology and entertaining chemistry, when they told the pupils about the most demanded professions in a game-like manner.

“Learning becomes an amusement, when it amuses a teacher. This is what my deputy principal told me, when I just joined school as a teacher. I fully agree with it and I hope that cooperation with NFP will last long. In the near future we are going to stage an eco-friendly play on the occasion of the New Year. I have already found a song, which says that a small fir-tree is not freezing cold all alone in the forest and that you do not have to cut it to take it home,” smiled Irina.

NFP treats raising awareness of the eco-culture as a multilevel process. Under the auspices of NFP students volunteered to establish a team, which, among others, brings environmental initiatives to life. Joint programs between large companies and students excite keen interest both on the regional and the federal level.