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23 May 2023

NFP’s Volunteer Projects Make Waves at the Federal Level

Collaborative programs between major businesses and students have sparked keen interest among volunteers from different regions of Russia.

At the “Interregional Practical Academy” forum, Vasilina Vasilenko, the leader of the eco-team from NFP, presented the unique collaboration in the format of eco-volunteering between the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) and the Nakhodka State Humanities and Polytechnic College (NGGPK).

During the three-day federal forum, top students from colleges across Russia actively worked, learned flexible skills, and prepared their own projects and initiatives.

“First and foremost, the ‘Interregional Practical Academy’ is an opportunity to exchange experiences with fellow students. I talked about the practice of eco-volunteering and collaboration with NFP. I believe that the idea of implementing student initiatives with the participation of major businesses is gaining traction in other regions of the country as well. Many ideas emerged during the intensive course at the forum. For example, we want to carry out joint projects with other colleges in Russia,” shared Vasilina Vasilenko.

In September 2022, NFP established a volunteer team based at NGGPK. The volunteers have already successfully organized several large-scale environmental events, including clean-up activities at the popular Korovye Beach, greening projects at the Eastern Hospital in Vrangel, the establishment of the “Garden of Memory” in Vladimir-Alexandrovskoye, and planting seedlings at a tree nursery near Partizansk. NFP emphasizes that such collaboration with students addresses two important goals: promoting environmental development in the region and motivating active youth to stay and work in Nakhodka.