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22 June 2023

To leave in order to come back: residents of Nakhodka return to work at NFP

Residents of Nakhodka, who migrated to various cities across Russia, are coming back years later to become employed by the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP). They are after a fancy job, high salary, career opportunities and are eager to develop the hometown.

Employment of local residents is one of the main principles pursued by the HR strategy. All in all, NFP will create over 1,500 jobs, 80% of which will be occupied by Nakhodka and Primorye residents — this is a sizeable contribution to the struggle against migration. Moreover, NFP is becoming a “magnet” for those who left the hometown — the plant returns skilled workforce to Nakhodka.

Mr Mikhail Belokrylov, deputy project director for construction, is certain about the date when he left Nakhodka. On 6 May 2017, he got into the car and headed for Samara together with his dog. A job in Linde Group, a German manufacturer and vendor of atmospheric, process and special gases and related equipment, was already waiting for him there. His family joined Mikhail a bit later.

“Talking about my working experience, before Linde I used to work in multiple projects in many towns and countries, but I decided to settle down somewhere by the age of 35. It was Samara. But every summer our family travelled to Nakhodka on vacation. My brother, my mom and my friends are all here. We love the town so much! Last September I received a job offer from NFP. I was very surprised, but did not waste a second and joined the project on November 15,” says Mikhail.

He considers himself a 100% local expert. Such a large employer became a motivation for Mikhail to come back home.

“My wife, children, even my parents and I— we all were born in Nakhodka. I did not even change my residence registration. I am a migrant worker in Samara, I belong here. And I am very happy the town is developing. I can see that: there is a new park beside the youth center, comfortable scenic viewpoints, all bus stops are ‘smart’. This is encouraging,” says deputy project director for construction.

Mr Ivan Kalinin, marine terminal construction lead, agrees with his colleague — development of Nakhodka is obvious. And it is fabulous taking part in this development. Ivan finished a vocational school of the Nakhodka branch of the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES), he then entered the Far Eastern Federal University. In the higher forms he was fond of PC games and when he became a student, games became something more than just a hobby — he started making a career of an eSports shoutcaster. In 2019, he obtained a bachelor’s diploma majoring in water engineering. In 2021, he received a master’s degree ‘Shelf and off-shore construction’ in English. Almost immediately after that he moved to Sakhalin, port Shakhtersk, and in 2023 Ivan returned home after NFP gave him an offer.

“Becoming part of the developer’s team in just two years after the graduation is an outstanding result. It’s not like ‘building a country house’, here you are part of a monumental construction project, which will be beneficial to people and the country. Work is not only about money, but it is also about development. I can tell you, right now my salary is even higher than it used to be in Sakhalin. Opportunity is the most fascinating thing. I draft documents for the Contractor to start water works in the marine terminal. In the future I plan to stay in the operations,” contemplates Ivan.

The recent graduate mentions challenges, too. For instance, building communication with foreign contractors, when you do not think what to say but how to say it.

“It is nothing but a routine challenge, overcoming it makes you feel ambitious,” adds Mr Kalinin.

Corporate spirit and common interest also matter. Brain games are one of Ivan’s most favorite entertainments.

“My colleagues team up all the time and play quiz games in the municipal intellectual multidiscipline events. I missed a round in spring, but I will be more than happy to join them next time,” continues Ivan.

Mr Denis Fomenkov, weld quality control lead engineer, lists another advantage of being employed by NFP: one can participate in the project at its earliest stage — this is a unique experience, one of a kind. He left Nakhodka 12 years ago. He did it because he could not find a well-paid job and make his life comfortable. He travelled across Russia and lived in Moscow over the last few years. Along with an option of coming back to Nakhodka he thought of leaving for Egypt and becoming a chief welder there. Despite higher salary abroad, he finally decided to go back home.

“I can see potential here. Career opportunities is one of them. Secondly, getting on the project while it’s only starting is always breathtaking. Besides, this is my home, my mother country,” Denis commented.

NFP is an anchor resident of Nakhodka Advanced Special Economic Zone (ASEZ). It is one of the top ten investment projects in Russia and top 3 investment projects in the Far East. Tax payments to the regional and federal budgets will amount to as much as RUB 49 bln alone while the ASEZ preferential tax treatment is applied. Go to ‘Careers’ on the official NFP web site to learn more about current job vacancies, which include a vast range of engineering disciplines.