22 March 2022

A new tree nursery for 1 mln seedlings in year being built by NFP in Primorsky Krai

Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant in cooperation with the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife Protection of Primorsky Krai, has begun construction of a tree nursery in the Partizansky District. The project aims for nursing of 1 million cedar, larch and ash seedlings per year.

According to Konstantin Stepanov, Minister of Forestry and Protection of Wildlife of the Primorsky Krai, a 3,000 square meter tree nursery is being built in Partizansky District to achieve said nursing goals, mainly intended for nursing of root-balled tree system forest species. The nursery is to be equipped with an automatic irrigation system, autonomous power supply, ventilation system and its own water well. The works are being performed by “Primorsky base of aviation, ground security and forest protection”, which is an institution subordinate to the Ministry.

“The “Preservation of Forests” project, as part of the “Ecology” national project, has been on-going since 2019in Primorsky krai. Its main goal is to ensure the full restoration of forests in areas where forests were cut down or destroyed. Every year we restore 12-14 thousand hectares of forest, with up to a thousand hectares through artificial reforestation,” Konstantin Stepanov said, adding that socially responsible business assistance in this matter should become the norm for enterprises in the region.

The construction of the first forest nursery for NFP is a trial step and an important experience in a new direction of the company’s social work.

“It is obvious that the forests of Primorye need our help and care. Last year we purchased and distributed 1,300 seedlings of trees and shrubs in Vrangel. Residents of the village are very actively involved in the landscaping work in the village. At the same time, this idea to build our own tree nursery came up. So far, we have set a course for the construction of one greenhouse per year,” said Victor Grebenyukov, Executive Director of NFP.

The new nursery is aimed at growing 1-2 year old seedlings. It also provides for storage of plants in the winter. The Ministry of Forestry has no doubts about the effectiveness of such work, there is always a demand for planting material, and participation in the project of a large, responsible enterprise guarantees a serious approach to solving the problem.

In summary: Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant is among the top 3 investment projects in the Far East and the top 10 in Russia, with tax payments to budgets of all levels amounting to 49 billion rubles just for the duration of Priority Development Area preferential tax treatment, further on the budgets will be supplemented by 26 billion rubles annually. At the startup stage, the plant will create 1,500 employment opportunities, 80% of which will be occupied by residents of Nakhodka and the Primorsky Krai, and the remaining 20% by professionals from other regions with experience in similar industries. The average salary of employees (excluding top management) will be 110 thousand rubles. In the spring of last year, the enterprise provided assistance to Primorye firefighters, providing them with the necessary equipment, fuel and dry rations. The enterprise actively participates in the social life of the district, organizes community clean-up and environmental events. It should be noted that in Primorsky Krai the 2022 reforestation area size is aimed at 12 thousand hectares. This shall be achieved, among other things, via artificial reforestation, which will require approximately 2.5 million seedlings. Moreover, this does not include trees planted in the course of various campaigns, which are becoming more and more frequent by the year.