25 March 2022

NFP to be connected to Vrangel gas distribution station

Glavgosexpertiza (State Expert Evaluation Agency of the Russian Federation) has issued a positive review for the construction of the pipeline. This information is published on the official website of the Agency.

The project involves a gas pipeline with a diameter of 600 mm and a length of just over 3.5 km laid underground from Vrangel gas distribution station to NFP plant site.

State Expert Evaluation Agency also indicates that a single-lane 340 meter-long access road for access of vehicles and lifting mechanisms serving the crane unit of the gas pipeline is to be constructed within the scope of the project.

General Designer of the gas pipeline section is OOO “North Caucasus Design Institute”.

A full-scale construction of a gas pipeline from “Bolshoy Kamen” gas distribution station to “Vrangel” station is currently underway. 38% of the gas pipe has already been welded, work is being carried out according to the schedule approved by the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic in June 2021.

Gas infrastructure expansion for Nakhodka will become possible due to the implementation of a major investment project – Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant. It will become the main consumer of the gas (annual consumption is 3.187 billion m3/year).

The plan is to provide gas for boiler houses and large enterprises in the district, further down the line – gasification of the private sector and construction of natural gas fueling stations.

In summary: Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant is among the top 3 investment projects in the Far East and the top 10 in Russia, with tax payments to budgets of all levels amounting to 49 billion rubles just for the duration of Priority Development Area preferential tax treatment, further on the budgets will be supplemented by 26 billion rubles annually. At the startup stage, the plant will create 1,500 employment opportunities, 80% of which will be occupied by residents of Nakhodka and the Primorsky Krai, and the remaining 20% by professionals from other regions with experience in similar industries. The average salary of employees (excluding top management) will be 110 thousand rubles.