09 April 2024

Pre-school children are getting ready to become ‘Ecology cadets’

Young charges of the Nakhodka Kindergarten no.59 are getting ready to join ‘Ecology cadets’, a children environmental movement started by the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP). The large-scale program of environmental education for kindergarteners became one of the top projects presented at the ‘Best Educational Project’ contest arranged by NFP with the support of IMC ‘Razvitie’.

The little ones are studying flora and fauna of Primorye, grow herbs in their own little garden and learn about careers in environmental protection. This year the kindergarten no. 59 became an experimental homebase for eco-lessons given to preschoolers by Yuriy Vykhodtsev, the Chief Environmental Specialist of NFP. This marked the beginning of the in-depth environmental education in kindergartens.

“The little ones got so captured by the eco-lesson that we’ve decided to focus more on environmental awareness. The older kids even chose to decorate the great hall with paper flowers rather than with balloons, a more customary decoration for kindergarten graduation ceremonies. In one of the rooms, we even have a fish tank where children can grow baby fish! I think that the same shall be arranged in other kindergartens of Nakhodka too”, says Svetlana Barsegyan, the initiator of the kindergarten environmental initiative and a kindergarten music teacher.

The next step for the project would be to create the first squad of ‘Pre-school Ecology Cadets’ in Nakhodka. The initiative is welcomed by NFP, which specialists will become mentors for young environmentalists.

Even now at the construction stage NFP is already actively involved in environmental development of the city and region in general. In 2022 NFP established the first students volunteer squad that, among other things, implements environmental initiatives. Last year an official initiation ceremony was held at the public-school no.24. Those students who have participated in the ceremony are now officially recognized as young environmentalists.