28 October 2022

School Science Projects set to Benefit Nakhodka’s Development

The Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) announced the commencement of the third stage of Formula for Success, Nakhodka’s school science contest. Secondary-school kids will base their research on topics relevant to their hometown, focusing on ecology and economics. Experts from the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Far Eastern Federal University, and NFP will be mentoring the contestants. NFP believes that Formula for Success is of crucial importance for Nakhodka’s development. Promotion of environmental initiatives among schoolchildren is a long-term process; someday these ambitious kids will become adults; they will be improving the quality of life in the city.

“Formula for Success drew 36 projects for the last two years, and 50 project teams have already applied this time, which means that young people are truly interested in the contest. The level of projects improves each year, with school students focusing more on the environmental aspects. Every project is aimed at a meaningful urban topic. With such view from the inside, the administration of Nakhodka can see what should be improved in the city. “The main goal of the contest is to provide kids with high-quality education and make them want to stay in Nakhodka,” said Viktor Grebenyukov, Executive Director of NFP.

NFP’s educational initiative of is also supported by the administration of Nakhodka Urban District and the Information and Methodological Centre “Razvitie”. “The contest allows us to bring the educational process outside the classroom; students and their teachers can acquire new competencies and try out new technologies. Of course, this can greatly improve quality and results of the educational process,” noted Svetlana Korotkikh, Head of the CSR Department in the Nakhodka Urban District Administration.

While being aimed at finding the most talented kids among middle and high school kids, the contest has two nominations – Chemistry & Ecology and Chemistry & Economics. Children will be able to take part in travelling seminars, work in laboratories, and do real research work under the guidance of famous scientists.

“The development of local talent pool is crucial for the scientific community to progress. A new generation of young professionals is needed to ensure the continuation of scientific breakthroughs. It is important for us to cultivate talented children who display potential in our Formula for Success contest; we hope they will pursue their studies with us. Currently, we have 190 students from Nakhodka – including Formula for Success participants – at the Far Eastern Federal University’s Polytechnic Institute. We have surveyed 11th graders and found out that a third of them already decided on their career paths at the beginning of the school year. Therefore, it is vital to provide them with guidance to choose a suitable professional path” noted Valery Petukhov, Doctor of Technical Sciences and professor at Far Eastern Federal University.

Additionally, winners and runners-up of the Formula for Success contest will be rewarded for their achievements. This contest was presented at an environmental forum hosted by the Government of the Primorsky Krai; the initiative became a successful example of how to organize ecological education and develop environmental consciousness of local schoolchildren