26 March 2024

Schoolchildren in Nakhodka are considering working for NFP

Specialists from the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) have visited School 19 in the district of Vrangel to meet with ninth-graders. It was another career guidance event held in Nakhodka as a part of the large-scale career guidance campaign conducted by NFP. This time the prospect of working for one of the largest production facilities in the region appealed to as many as several of the future graduates.

Preservation of the talent pool of the city is one of the key goals of the NFP’s social policy. Since NFP puts premium on the local specialists, it closely cooperates with various educational institutions. Employer-sponsored education and support of young specialists are one of the most efficient tools in recruitment.

Those students who sign a contract with NFP can receive employer-sponsored scholarships. They are reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses when they do internship programs. And after their graduation these students also get a position at the Plant in Nakhodka.

Ekaterina Gracheva and Arthur Lomonosov are classmates. They both have decided to take a Unified State Exam in Chemistry.

“I really enjoy Chemistry. At first, I considered going to a medical school but after today’s meeting I might change my mind. I still have some time to think”, says Ekaterina.

“When I graduate from university, I am going to return to Vrangel and work at NFP. Today I learned a lot of new information about the project and future production process and once again realized that I’ve made the right decision”, says Arthur.

Now is the time when we are just building the NFP Team. But once the construction is over there will already be 1500 jobs created. To apply for the employer-sponsored educational program go and visit the web-site of NFP and check the ‘Careers’ section.