19 March 2024

“Ecology Cadets” of NFP. The first trophy at a regional contest

A second-grade student from Nakhodka presented a second-best research paper at an annual scientific conference “Step into the Future” held in Vladivostok. The research started with the collaboration between the school and the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP).

Environmental education is one of the key directions of NFP’s social policy. It is a multi-level process of creating the first eco-squad in Nakhodka, giving eco-lessons at schools and kindergartens, planting trees, protecting environment and participating in a large contest of research papers submitted by high school students.

Matvey Vishnyakov is a 2A class student of the Nakhodka School no.24. His class became the first eco-squad of the school. The mentors of the “Ecology Cadets” in matters of nature conservation are specialists from NFP and the administration of Nakhodka Urban District.

The topic that Matvey chose for his research paper was “The Profession I Choose”. When he was just a first-grade student, Matvey became interested in the job of an Ecologist, which he learnt about from Yuri Vyhodtsev, Head Ecologist of NFP.

“Matvey has become quite fascinated with the diversity of the environmental career opportunities, i.e. an urban planner, a bioremediation specialist, an environmental liability manager, etc. The research work began as soon as the “Ecology Cadets” squad was founded. Besides theoretical aspects the research project also includes such practical aspects as participation in eco-lessons, clean-up initiatives and tree planting activities”, commented Irina Silaeva, the 2A class teacher.

The first environmental squad in Nakhodka was founded in the beginning of last year. And as part of the cooperation program with schools NFP shares its experience and knowledge of environmental protection practices with children teaching them environmental awareness from a very young age.