06 December 2022

Students of the Far Eastern Federal University are Ready to Live and Work in Nakhodka

Experts from the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) continue their series of meetings with students from educational institutions in the region. Their main task is to inform and demonstrate the opportunities for a comfortable life and work in Nakhodka. An important career guidance event called “Working at NFP” took place at the Far Eastern Federal University.

During the production launch phase, NFP will create 1,500 job positions, with 80% of them being filled by residents of Nakhodka and Primorsky Krai. There are no similar enterprises in the region that could serve as a talent pool for NFP. Therefore, one of the most important tasks today is to prepare future specialists from the local population. The focus is on active youth.

According to HR specialists, the most effective strategy for creating a talent pool is to sign contracts with students for targeted education. By the time production begins, the company will have a pool of highly qualified specialists, and the students, in turn, will receive additional targeted scholarships from NFP during their education, undergo internships at similar production facilities, and secure guaranteed employment with a decent salary, comprehensive benefits package, additional medical insurance, and, if necessary, company housing.

“Modern students are active, thoughtful, and ambitious. We regularly hold meetings at universities and colleges and receive feedback. The students are interested not only in the working conditions but also in the company’s mission, the environmental friendliness of production, modern technologies, and NFP’s contribution to the development of the region. We see that the students want not only to find a job after graduation but also to make a difference in this new industry for the Far East,” said Larisa Kuzmina, a specialist in recruitment and personnel training at NFP.

Over 80 senior students majoring in “Chemical Technology,” “Oil and Gas,” and “Power Engineering” participated in the meeting at the Far Eastern Federal University.

“Meetings between students and companies operating in the region are very beneficial for everyone. When thinking about where they want to live and work in the future, many students consider only the Primorsky Krai, and it is important for them to have clarity about what awaits them after graduation and what they can look forward to. This clarity can be the basis for their choice of topics for term papers or theses, for example. I see that students are genuinely interested in NFP — they asked many questions and were actively involved. The event took place in a very comfortable atmosphere,” emphasized Anna Nikitina, the director of the Department of Oil and Gas Technologies at the Far Eastern Federal University.

NFP regularly holds meetings with students, and the next one will take place at the Nakhodka State Polytechnic College.